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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Acupuncture offers a unique perspective on the nature of health & illness that is different from that of the western perspective. It holds the human body in great reverence, respecting & promoting its endless capacity for rejuvenation & recovery. The symptoms are recognized as the bodies language. Through differentiation of signs & symptoms, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture can analyze the root cause of the condition. These techniques are in no way random like the games we find on certain bingo sites, they are precise and accurate. By harmonizing the body, mind, & spirit, they are able to combat or prevent illness to improve the quality & duration of life.

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"I was made aware of your web-site, and took the time to look through it very carefully. Being trained in the Peoples Republic of China as a TCM Gynecologist I found your Gynecology section to be excellent! You have done an amazing job and a valuable service to the profession, students and TCM educators alike. Thank You."
David A. Bray, CMD, D.Ac, Dipl. C.H. (NCCAOM)
Toronto CANADA

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