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Chinese Medicine Du Mai Acupuncture Meridian


Du Mai


Du 1 - [connect to Ren] harmonize Yin Yang & bowels, hemafecia, hemorrhoids, prolapse

Location (changqiang): between coccyx & anus

Du 2 - warms low Jiao, Wind/Damp, hemorrhoids, irregular menses

Location (yaoshu): in the sacro-coccygeal hiatus

Du 3 - warm LR KI, low Jiao Damp/Cold, sciatica, lumbosacral pain

Location (yaoyangguan): below L4

Du 4 - tonify KI & Essence (leukorrhea), soothe sinews, harmonize blood, cold or 5am diarrhea

Location (mingmen): below L2

Du 9 - tonify Yang Qi, loosen chest (cough), clear Damp/Heat (jaundice), chest & back pain

Location (zhiyang): below T7

Du 11 - internal/external Wind, calms spirit, impaired memory

Location (shendao): below T5

Du 12 - internal/external Wind, clear Heat (Ying, fever, HT, Wind/Heat), tonify LU

Location (shenzhu): below T3

Du 13 - expel Wind Heat, clear LU Heat, tonifies deficiency

Location (taodao): below T1

Du 14 - [intersection of 6 Fu] external/internal Heat, severe Yin deficiency (steaming bone, tidal fever),

local problems, frees Yang Qi, clear LU, calm spirit (HT, epilepsy), common cold

Location (dazhui): below C7

Du 15 - [9 needle to return Yang] Heat Bi, clear/open Shen, wind strike, occipital headache

Location (yamen): 0.5 cun within hairline

Du 16 - [Ghost] Wind/Cold or Wind/Heat, calms spirit, drain Fire

Location (fengfu): 1 cun within hairline

Du 20 - [intersection of 6 Fu] LR Wind, calms spirit, returns inversion, raises Yang Qi,

Heat in Yang Jing, headache (LR deficiency), diarrhea, insomnia, rectal prolapse

Location (baihui): at the vertex of the head (highest points)

Du 23 - [Ghost] open head & nose (headache/congestion), eye problems, stop bleeding (nose)

Location (shangxing): 1 cun posterior to the anterior hairline

Du 24 - calm LR & LR Wind, calms spirit, nasal congestion, insomnia, headache

Location (shenting): 0.5 cun within anterior hairline

Du 26 - returns inversion, calm spirit, dispel Wind, stubborn hiccups, lumbar pain/stiffness

Location (renzhong): above the upper lip on the midline, at the junction of the upper 1/3 & lower 2/3 of the philtrum.


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