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Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Extra points


Extra points



Si Shen Cong - mental disorders, wind strike, enhance movement of limbs, insomnia

Location:4 points all at vertex of scalp, grouped around Du 20 and located 1 cun anterior, posterior and lateral to it

Yu Yao - eye problems, frontal headache

Location:in center of eyebrow, in depression directly above the pupil when eyes are looking straight ahead

Yin Tang - calms spirit, nasal problems, convulsions, insomnia, HBP, frontal headache

Location:at glabella, midpoints between medial extremities of eyebrows

Tai Yang - clear Wind & Heat & head, brighten eyes, wryness of face, trigeminal neuralgia

Location:at temple, in tender depression approx. 1 cun posterior to midpoints between lateral extremity ofeyebrow and outer canthus of eye

Jin Jin / Yu Ye - bleed for post stroke mouth problems, clear Heat in the oral cavity

Location:paired points located on veins either side of frenulum of tongue, jinjin to left and yuye to right

Er Jian - eye problems (conjunctivitis, stye, screens, red swollen painful), high fever

Location:when ear is folded forwards, points lies on apex of ear

An Mian - basically GB 12, insomnia, headache, HBP, mental disorders, hysteria

Location:behind ear, midway between GB 20 and SJ 17

Ding Chuan - asthma, pain in the shoulder & back

Location:0.5 to 1 cun lateral to depression below Du 14

Hua Tou Jia Ji - correspond to their Shu points indications

Location:0.5 to 1 cun lateral to depression below T1 to L5

Yao Yan - backache

Location:in depression approx. 3.5 cun lateral to lower border of L 4

Shi Qi Zhui Xue - lumbar pain

Location:on midline of lower back, in depression below L5

Qi Pang - hernia

Location:on lower abdomen, make an equilateral triangle with sides of the same length as the width of the patientís mouth.

Place the top vertex of the triangle at the navel.The points will be found at the lower two corners of the triangle.

Zi Gong - infertility, irregular menses, eclampsia, orchitis

Location:on lower abdomen, 3 cun lateral to midline, level with Ren 3

Shi Xuan - homogolous to the Jing-well indications

Location:on tips of fingers, approx. 1 cun from the fingernail

Si Feng - infantile Gan (malnutrition, parasites, SP Qi ↓),

Location:on palmar surface of hand, at midpoints of transverse creases of the proximal interphalangeal joints of index, middle, ring and little fingers

Er Bai - hemorrhoids, prolapse of rectum

Location:on flexor aspect of forearm, 4 cun proximal to P7, either side of tendon of flexor carpi radialis (tendon closer to ulna)

Ba Xie - local hand problems

Location:when hand is made into fist, 6 of these points lie in depressions between metacarpal heads, proximal to web margins.

Remaining 2 points lie equidistant between thumb and index metacarpals, proximal to web margins

Luo Zhen - pain & stiffness in neck, shoulder

Location:on dorsum of hand, in depression just proximal to 2nd and 3rd metacarpo-phalangeal joints

Yao Tong Dian - lumbar pain/sprain

Location:On the dorsum of the hand, 1 cun distal to the wrist crease, one points each between the 2nd & 3rd, & 4th & 5th metacarpals.

Jian Qian - shoulder pain

Location:on anterior aspect of shoulder joint, midway between anterior axillary crease and LI 15

Nei Xi Yan - numbness/pain/swelling of knee

Location:on knee, in hollows formed when knee is flexed, immediately below patella and both medial and lateral to the patellar ligament

Lan Wei - appendicitis (if tender can also be used for diagnosis), indigestion

Location:approx. 2 cun distal to ST 36 on right leg

Dan Nang - GB cysts, stones, worms, lateral costal pain

Location:between 1 to 2 cun distal to GB 34 on right leg

Ba Feng - foot Qi (athletes foot), local foot problems

Location:on dorsum of foot, between toes, 0.5 cun proximal to the margin of web


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