Gallbladder foot shao yang meridian





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Chinese Medicine GALLBLADDER – Foot Shao Yang Acupuncture Meridian


GALLBLADDER – Foot Shao Yang

***All GB points relieve distension/fullness in chest, & soothe sinews.


GB 1 - eye problems (red, tearing, pain), headache, expels Heat

Location (tongziliao):  in hollow on lateral side of the orbital margin, approx. 0.5 cun lateral to outer canthus 

GB 2 - discharge from the ear, clears LR GB, expels Wind, moves Qi

Location (tinghui):  in hollow between intertragic notch posteriorly and condyloid process of the mandible anteriorly.  Locate points with mouth wide open

GB 3 - trigeminal neuralgia, improves hearing, headache, strengthen jaw (pain)

Location (shangguan):  Anterior to ear, in a hollow above upper border of the zygomatic arch, directly superior to ST 7

GB 8 - headache due to LR Qi stagnation (bi/unilateral), ear problems

Location (shuaigu):  in temporal region, in slight depression 1 cun directly above apex of the ear

GB 11 - clear GB Damp/Heat, occipital headache, pain in neck/ear

Location (touqiaoyin):  posterior to ear, along a curved line drawn from GB 9 to GB 12 running within hairline and parallel to line of rim of the ear,

in a depression slightly  greater than two 3rd the distance between GB 9 and GB 12

GB 12 - insomnia, rouses brain, local pain/problems

Location (wangu):  in depression just posterior and inferior to mastoid process

GB 13 - clears LR GB, soothe LR (wind), quiet spirit (epilepsy, headache, restless)

Location (benshen):  located on forehead, 0.5 cun within anterior hairline, two 3rd the distance between Du 24 and ST 8

GB 14 - ‘Bai Zhi’ yangming headache points, eye problems (tearing, twitching)

Location (yangbai):  on forehead, 1 cun superior to middle of eyebrow, directly above the pupil when eyes are looking straight ahead

GB 15 - nasal congestion, headache, brightens eyes

Location (toulinqi):  on forehead, directly above GB 14, 0.5 cun within anterior hairline, midway between Du 24 and ST 8

GB 19 - wakes patient (rouses brain), headache, restlessness

Location (naokong):  in occipital region, directly above GB 20, level with Du 17

GB 20 - local & LR Qi stag. headache, visual dizziness, neck pain/stiffness, red painful eyes, nasal congestion, shoulder &

back pain, Heat diseases, common cold, epilepsy, harmonizes qi & Blood, puncture towards opposite inner canthus, internal Wind

Location (fengchi):  below occiput, approx. midway between Du 16 and GB 12, in hollow between origins of the sternomastoid and trapezius muscles

GB 21 - moves phlegm, local pain/inhibited movement, wind strike, difficult delivery

Location (jianjing):  midway between Du 14 and tip of the acromion, at crest of trapezius muscle

GB 24 - [Alarm Mu of GB] best to treat GB problems (damp/heat, jaundice, etc.)

Location (riyue):  on anterior chest wall, in 7th intercostals space, directly below nipple, 4 cun lateral to the midline

GB 25 - [Alarm Mu of KI] warms cold KI (low back pain), water retention, diarrhea, rebel ST Qi

Location (jingmen): below lateral aspect of ribcage, anterior and inferior to the free end of 12th rib

GB 26 - regulates menses, stop vaginal discharge, hernia, Damp/Heat

Location (daimai):  directly below LR 13 (anterior and inferior to the free end of 11th rib), level with umbilicus

GB 29 - tensor fasciae latae, hip, & sciatic pain/weakness

Location (juliao):  on lateral aspect of hip joint, at midpoints of a line drawn between anterior and superior iliac spine and the prominence of greater trochanter

GB 30 - leg, hip, & sciatic pain, hemiplagia, (w/ GB 34 & ST 36 warm needle for Wind/Cold/Damp Bi)

Location (huantiao):  between the sacro-coccygeal hiatus & the great trochanter, 1/3 of this distance from the great trochanter.

GB 31 - dispel Wind & Cold, lower limb atony, Bi (pain) & numbness, sinews, itching

Location (fengshi):  7 cun superior to the popliteal crease where the middle finger reaches when placed on the thigh.

GB 34 - [Sinew Hui-influential] GB Damp/Heat, shaoyang syndrome, pain anywhere on body, soothe sinews

Location (yanglingquan):  in the depression anterior & inferior to the small head of the fibula.

GB 35 - calms spirit- anxiety, soothe sinews, relieve pain

Location (yangjiao):  7 cun superior to the lateral malleolus at the posterior border of the fibula.

GB 36 - [Xi-Cleft] clear LR GB, expel Wind, resolve toxins, clear Heat, any pain (ankle, GB stones, local)

Location (waiqiu):  7 cun superior to the lateral malleolus anterior to the fibula.

GB 37 - [connect to LR] clear eyes (LR- night blindness), sore breasts, mammary yong

Location (guangming):  5 cun superior to the lateral malleolus anterior to the fibula.

GB 38 - shaoyang syndrome, depression/anxiety, scrofula, unilateral headache

Location (yangfu):  4 cun superior to the lateral malleolus anterior to the fibula.

GB 39 - [Marrow Hui-influential] clear Heat, tonify marrow, fractures

Location (xuanzhong):  3 cun superior to the lateral malleolus posterior to the fibula & anterior to the peroneus longus & brevis tendons.

GB 40 - [Yuan-source] shaoyang syn., Damp/Heat, LR Yang rising, wood overact on earth

Location (qiuxu):  in the depression anterior & inferior to the lateral malleolus. 

GB 41 - [confluence of Dai mai] stress/anxiety, tinnitus, irregular menses, period headache, Damp/Heat (dysentery),

Liver Gallbladder Qi stagnation, breast distension, clear Fire

Location (zulinqi):  distal to the 4th & 5th metatarsal bones on the lateral side of the tendon of the little toe.

GB 44 - expel Wind, clear Heat/drain Fire, dreaming, Heat diseases

Location (zuqiaoyin):  1 fen from the lateral proximal corner of the 4th toe.


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