Liver foot jue yin meridian

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Chinese Medicine LIVER Foot Jue Yin Acupuncture Meridian


LIVER Foot Jue Yin


LR 1 - clear Heat, Fire, & Yang rising, regulates menses, calms spirit, prolapse (uterus)

Location (dadun): 1 fen from the lateral proximal corner of the big toe nail.

LR 2 - clear Fire, & Xue Heat (w/ PC 3, SP 10, BL 40), internal wind (wry mouth)

Location (xingjian): on the dorsum of the foot, between the 1st & 2nd toes, 0.5 cun proximal to the margin of the web.

LR 3 - [Yuan-source] soothe LR Fire & Yang, Damp/Heat, urinary problems, wry mouth from ↓, Blood Stasis,

emotional headache, nourish LR Yin/blood, insomnia

Location (taichong): on the dorsum of the foot in the hollow distal to the junction of the 1st & 2nd metatarsal bones.

LR 4 - local, rheumatoid arthritis, genital pain

Location (zhongfeng): anterior to the medial malleolus & posterior to the tendon of the tibialis anterior (when dorsiflexed) in the depression.

LR 5 - [connect to GB] Damp/Heat, irregular menses, urinary problems, leg pain

Location (ligou): 5 cun superior to the medial malleolus on the medial flat portion of the tibia.

LR 6 - [Xi-Cleft] regulates Qi & blood, relieve pain (menstrual, hernia, calf w/ BL 57 & GB 34), nosebleed w/ LI 4

Location (zhongdu): 2 cun superior to LR 5.

LR 7 - medial knee pain w/ SP 9, ST 35, M-LE-16

Location (xiguan): 1 cun posterior to SP 9.

LR 8 - local, Damp/Heat, soothe sinews, frees low Jiao, urinary problems, prolapse

Location (ququan): 1 cun anterior to KI 10, just superior to the medial end of the popliteal crease.

LR 13 - [Alarm-Mu of SP, Hui-influential of 5 Zang] moves blood & Stasis, local, food stagnation

Location (zhangmen): anterior & inferior to the free end of the 11th rib.

LR 14 - [Alarm-Mu of LR] shaoyang syndrome, clear LR Heat & stagnation,

soothe LR, transforms Phlegm & Stasis

Location (qimen): directly below the nipple in the 6th intercostals space.


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