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Chinese Medicine Lung Hand Tai Yin Acupuncture Meridian


LUNG Hand Tai Yin


LU 1 - [Alarm Mu of LU] cough, asthma, local

Location (zhongfu): on the chest, 6 cun from the midline at the level of the first intercostals space, 1 cun below the lateral extremity of the clavicle.

LU 5 - cough blood, sore throat, clear LU Heat

Location (chize): in the transverse crease, on the radial side of the biceps tendon.

LU 6 - [Xi-Cleft] cough, sore throat, nose bleeds

Location (kongzui): 7 cun above the wrist crease, between LU 5 & LU 9.

LU 7 - [Command points of head & neck, Connect to LI, confluence points of Ren] neck, headache, facial paralysis, bowels

Location (lieque): 1.5 cun above the wrist crease, on the lateral side of the forearm where the index finger ends when the thumb/index webs are put together.

LU 9 - [Meeting points of 100 vessels, Yuan-source] cough blood, asthma, palpitations

Location (taiyuan): on the wrist crease in the depression of the redial side of the radial artery.

LU 10 - high fever, cough blood, sore throat

Location (yuji): on the thenar eminence, midway along the first metacarpal bone, on the border of the red & white skin.

LU 11 - nosebleed, clouding/mania/ withdrawal, clear Heat

Location (shaoshang): on the radial side of the thumb, 1 fen proximal to the corner of the nail.


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