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Chinese Medicine SPLEEN Foot Tai Yin Acupuncture Meridian


SPLEEN Foot Tai Yin


SP 1 - [Ghost points] warms Yang, regulates blood, mania symptoms

Location (yinbai): 1 fen proximal to the medial corner of the big toe.

SP 3 - [Yuan-source] best to tone Spleen Qi, Stomach/abdominal pain

Location (taibai): on the medial side of the foot in the depression proximal & inferior to the head of the first metatarsal bone.

SP 4 - [Connect to Stomach, confluence of Chong] sea of Blood, menses, regulates Chong

Location (gongsun): on the border of the red & white skin, 1 cun posterior to taibai.

SP 6 - [crossing of Spleen Liver Kidney] Spleen Liver Kidney problems

Location (sanyinjiao): 3 cun above the tip of the medial malleolus, at the posterior border of the tibia.

SP 8 - [Xi-cleft] blood, womb, menses (regulate/relieve pain)

Location (diji): 3 cun inferior to yinlingquan.

SP 9 - regulates water metabolism, knee pain

Location (yinlingquan): in the depression formed posterior to the angle where the head of the tibia & the body of the tibia meet.

SP 10 - {sea of blood} regulate/harmonize menses/blood

Location (xuehai): place the heel of your right palm on the inferior border of the patients left patella, spread index finger & thumb 45 degrees, points is at tip of thumb.

SP 15 - frees bowel Qi

Location (daheng): 4 cun lateral to the umbilicus.

SP 18 - cough, mammary Yong, promotes lactation

Location (tianxi): in the 4th intercostals space, 2 cun lateral to the nipple.

SP 21 - [Great connecting points] regulates Qi & Blood of whole body, sinews/bones

Location (dabao): in the 6th intercostals space, 6 cun below the center of axilla, or some texts say in the 7th intercostals space.

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