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Different Treatment of same Disease, same treatment of different Diseases


i.e. headaches may be caused by many pathogens (phlegm, heat, Yang rising, etc)

i.e. Phlegm (or any other pathogen can cause many conditions.


Clinical Application

- same disorder in different people may be treated the same or differently depending on differential diagnosis. Different diseases in different people may be treated the same. Different environment, location, person, and time all effect how treatment should be done.


Time Season

- spring, Qi is near surface (insert shallow)

- summer, Qi is subcutaneous (insert slightly deeper)

- fall, Qi is in the muscles (insert deeper)

- winter, Qi is in the bones (insert deep)

Time Disease

i.e. Malaria, PMS, etc. if one can catch before onset results of treatment will be significantly improved.


- different areas have different climates, diets, cultural influences, and standards of living which may effect treatment.

Age, sex, body type, personality

- young people, Yang is superficial, they are fragile, (needle for short time, shallow, gently, and only do a few points)

- women handle pain better, although at different times in their cycle women react differently, keep track of the cycle even if not treating gynecological problems.


Harmonizing/regulating methods

Must do while treating root and branch.

- regulate Yin Yang

- regulate Zang Fu

*Use neutral stimulation needling methods.

*For deficiency tonify the Mother, for excesses sedate the Son.


Harmonize Shaoyang alternating chills and fever, dizziness, bitter taste, wiry pulse

Acu SJ 5, GB 43

Harmonize GB ST GB attack ST, hypochondiac pain, nausea, vomiting, epigastric fullness

Acu GB 24 (sun moon), GB 34, (ST 36, SJ 6 hypochondriac pain)

Harmonize LR SP Qi stagnation from emotions alternating constipation and diarrhea, poor appetite, PMS, IBS

Acu LR 14 (sun moon), LR 3, SP 4, 6, 15

Harmonize ST and intestines abdominal pain, fullness, belching, GI complaints

Acu Low he-sea, Ren 6, 12, ST 25, 36, PC 6



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