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Methods of Combining points


Basically, combine points with similar action to increase effect.


1. According to area or region

a) combine upper and lower parts of body points.

i.e. Disease on upper body choose lower body points

i.e. Disease on head choose foot points.

i.e. Disease on feet choose knee points.

b) front and back

Can be used for any disorder, i.e. eye tearing ST 1 and GB 20 or SJ 17, stomachache Ren 12, ST 21 and BL 21, Du 8

c) left and right side

Choose right side to treat left and vice versa. Commonly used for paralysis and hemiplagia.

d) 3 parts together

i.e. effected area, proximal, and distal.


2. According to Meridian

a) same meridian

If not excess or deficiency then choose element points, otherwise choose appropriate points along meridian.

b) External/Internal meridian relationships

Yin treats Yang and vice versa, i.e. angina PC 6, SJ 5, stomachache ST 21,36, SP 4

c) Meridian with same name

Hand and foot Shaoyang (San Jiao and Gallbladder), these have same amount of Qi and blood.

i.e. occipital headache SI 3, BL 60

frontal headache LI 4, ST 44

teamporral (migrane) SJ 6, GB 34, 20, 8

d) Mother-Son meridian relationships

deficiency strengthen Mother

excess sedate Son

i.e. Lung deficiency strengthen Spleen

e) meeting meridian points

i.e. migrane GB 8, 20 (same area), and ST 8 (meridians meet on head).



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