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Tonifying deficiency, Sedating excess


Tonify – strengthen whole body Qi, Zheng Qi, Yin or Yang, Qi and/or blood.

Sedate – eliminate pathogenic factors, restore homeostasis.

*Both invigorate the body’s function.


Tonifying methods

Use Moxibustion and proper tonifying needling techniques.

                - warm the mid Jiao, particularly for sinking syndromes, or not holding blood.

                - deep weak pulse shows Yang Qi deficiency.


Kidney Qi – BL 23, Du 4, Ren 4, KI 3

Mid Jiao – BL 20, 21, Ren 12, 6, ST 36

Lung Qi – LU 9, BL 13, ST 36, SP 3

Heart & Spleen Qi – BL 15, 20, HT 7, SP 6

Kidney Yin – BL 23, Ren 4, KI 6, LU 5

Raise Yang Qi – Bai Hui, Ren 6, 12, ST 36


Sedating methods

Use sedating needle techniques, and/or bleed 93 edge or 7 star).

                - stagnation in the Jing Luo must be moved

            - if pathogen is excess sedate, if it is full purge.


Wind/Heat – GB 20, LI 4, LU 7

Yangming excess heat – ST 25, 37, LI 11 (all help induce bowel movements)

Excess Phlegm – Ren 22, ST 40, LI 4

Blood Stasis – PC 3, BL 40, 17, Jing-well


*When the condition is neither excess or deficiency – treat the meridian

                - use element points

                - use Yuan-source with Shu-stream

                - use neutral stimulation

*Can sedate and tonify at the same time, or one after the other.



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