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Treatment based on 8 principle syndrome differentiation


8 Principles Yin, Yang, Hot, Cold, Interior, Exterior, Excess, Deficiency.



Exterior superficial 6 pathogenic factors invade and impairs Lung/Wei Qi functions

Acupuncture (heat or cold) use Du, hand Taiyin, hand Yangming, foot Tai Yang

- needle shallow, Du 14, LI 4, 11, SJ 5, LU 7, BL 12, 13, GB 20

Internal Zang Fu disorders, 1) external factor pass into the interior, 2) pathogen passes directly into the interior, 3) internal injuries (seven emotions, diet, overwork, etc.)

Acupuncture (heat and cold) choose points from relevant Meridian through proper pattern differentiation.

- needle deeper, leave longer, use moxa, influential , back shu, front mu, Yuan, mother-son, lower he-sea, etc.



Main points to look for: thirst, complexion, extremities temperature, urine, bowel movements, tongue, pulse.

Cold Ren, Yin meridians tonify, moxa, set mountain on fire, deep insertion, longer duration.

Heat Du, Yang meridians sedate, bleed, cool heaven Ying-spring, Jing-well, Shi xuan, Du 26, 14,

LI 4, 11.

Yangming heat lower he-sea (ST 36, 37, 39)

deficiency heat neutral stimulation



Excess usually acute, external pathogen invasion, or internal Zang Fu dysfunction.

Acupuncture sedate Du and Yang meridians, front mu, Xi cleft, lower he-sea, Jing-well

Deficiency usually pre or post heaven root deficiency.

Acupuncture tonify Ren and Yin meridians, Yuan source, back shu

- ST 36, SP 6, Ren 4, 6, 8, Du 20, BL 43, SP 10



Yin deficiencies and cold

Acupuncture tonify

Yang excesses and heat

Acupuncture sedate




Complicated Syndromes

Usually in clinic these above patterns are all mixed and constantly changing. Once faced with problems, the Doctor should work at preventing further progression of disease.



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