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Treatment based on diagnosis of Meridians


This is treatment based on the connections, relationships and crossings of the Jing Luo.

This is also treatment based on the Zang Fu according to character of disease, organ diagnosis, and organ/meridian relationships.


Views of the Jing Luo theory

         Any tingle, weakness, temperature change, numbness, or painful feeling in the muscles, skin, bones, joints, tendons, 5 sense organs.

         Disorders of the Zang Fu.



         Every meridian has itís own signs (classic)

         Local area differentiation, i.e. forehead = Yangming

         Jing Luo diagnosis (modern)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - observation of Jing Luo (treat related meridians)

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - palpation of Jing Luo areas (find excess or deficiency)

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - palpation of Jing Luo points (front mu, back shu, lower he-sea)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† - palpation of Jing Luo points for temperature



The following symptoms are signs which apply only to the specific meridian, organ symptoms have been left out.In addition to the following clinical manifestations, any pain, heat or coldness, numbness, stiffness, knots, tingling, aches, redness, or any other sign along the course of a meridian is also an obvious meridian symptom.


Lungs (hand Taiyin) → External pathogenic invasion, accumulation of Lung heat: i.e. fever, aversion to cold, stuffiness of the chest, pain in the clavicle, shoulders & arms.

Large Intestine (hand Yangming) → Wind/cold/damp blockage, accumulation of heat: i.e. sore throat, toothache, epistaxis (nosebleed), runny nose, swollen & painful gums, swollen eyes

Stomach (foot Yangming) → External pathogenic invasion, Stomach heat rebelling: i.e. pain in the eyes, epistaxis (nosebleed), swelling of neck, facial paralysis, cold legs & feet

Spleen (foot Taiyin) → Wind/cold/damp, heat rebelling: i.e. vaginal discharge, weakness of the leg muscles, tongue stiffness/pain

Heart (hand Shaoyin) → Wind/cold/damp blockage, heat rebelling: i.e. pain in the eyes, pain on the inner side of the arm, pain along the scapula, eye jaundice, tongue ulcers, pyogenic infections

Small Intestine (hand Taiyang) → External pathogenic invasion, heat rebelling: i.e. pain&/or stiffness of the neck &/or elbow, red eyes, sore throat, mandible swelling, ear trouble

Bladder (foot Taiyang) → Wind/cold/damp blockage, heat rebelling: i.e. fever & aversion to cold, headache, stiff neck, pain in lower back &/or eyes, pain in the posterior leg, hard to bend, nosebleed, hemorrhoids

Kidneys (foot Shaoyin) → Cold: i.e. pain in lower back &/or sole of foot

Pericardium (hand Jueyin) → Cold, heat, Liver Qi stagnation: i.e. stiff neck, contraction of elbow or hand, Bi and Wei syndromes, armpit swelling, hot palms, chest pain, shaking arms (anger)

San Jiao (hand Shaoyang) → Wind/cold/damp, heat: i.e. sore throat, scrofula, goiter, axillary swelling, pain in the elbow, alternation of chills & fever, deafness, pain & discharge from the ear, pain at the top of the shoulders

Gallbladder (foot Shaoyang) → Cold stagnation, heat rebelling: i.e. alternation of chills & fever, headache, deafness, pain in the hip & lateral side of legs, pain & distension of breasts, difficult leg movements, 4th and 5th toe disorders, inner ear pain, migrane, bitter taste

Liver (foot Jueyin) → Cold stagnation, Wind Fire rebelling: i.e. headache, pain & swelling of the eye, leg cramps, pain in side of lower abdomen, hernia, one sided testicle pain radiating to low abdomen, dizziness, blurred vision, eyelid twitching, difficulty swallowing, facial deviation



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