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Lin Zheng (urinary syndromes, Urinary tract infections)

Classically there are five Lin Zheng, although six are now recognized: Stone, Qi, Chyluria, Chronic Lao, Re (Heat), Xue (blood).


Re (Heat)

P/T induce diuresis, clear heat

Acupuncture sedate, foot Taiyang & Jueyin, Mu, Shu, *BL 28 & *Ren 3 (for all Lin), SP 9 (primary points to induce diuresis), LR 2 (pain and Heat)

- acute onset symptoms- LI 4, SJ 6


P/T clear Heat, induce diuresis

Acupuncture neutral, foot Taiyang and Shaoyin, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 54 toward ST 28 (3 cun lateral to Du mai, 3rd sacral vertebrae), BL 39, KI 10

- acute attack of pain- Du 26

- Kidney Yin deficiency- BL 23, KI 3

- Qi deficiency- ST 36, Ren 6

Liver Qi stagnation

P/T sooth and regulate Liver Qi

Acupuncture neutral, tonify Shu, sedate Mu, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 54 toward ST 28, BL 18, LR 14, PC 5 (ghost)

Spleen Qi deficiency

P/T tonify mid Jiao Qi

Acupuncture - neutral, tonify Shu, sedate Mu, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 54 toward ST 28, Ren 4, ST 36, BL 20

Xue (blood)

excess Damp/Heat, or, Qi or Yin deficiency

P/T stop bleeding

Acupuncture neutral, BL 28 & Ren 3, SP 6, 10

- purge Heart Fire- PC 8, HT 8

- Kidney Qi deficiency- KI 6, 7

- Spleen Qi deficiency- ST 36, Ren 6

Chyluria (cloudy)

greasy cloudy urine caused by excess Damp/Heat, or, Kidney Spleen deficiency

Acupuncture - foot Taiyang & Taiyin, BL 28 & Ren 3, Du 4 (Kidney Qi, astringe Essence), SP 6 & 9 (ascend clear Qi, descend turbid Qi)

Lao chronic

disorder recurs when patient is feeling low or fatigued

Acupuncture foot Yangming, Taiyin, Shu, BL 28 & Ren 3, BL 20, 21, 23, Du 4, Ren 4, ST 36



Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- BL, KI, sympathetic, occipital, adrenal

electrical- good for Stone pain, SP 6, BL 61, 23 (bladder stones), BL 54 toward ST 28, ashi points, BL 28 & GB 25 (kidney stones), medium-strong stimulation

7 star- effective for prostatitis, L2-S5, Spleen and Stomach meridians


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