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More than three days of dry and/or difficult bowel movements.


Excess Yangming Heat

fullness in the intestines, may be pain (particularly on pressure), bad breath, thirst, T- red with yellow coat, P- slippery full

P/T clear Heat, induce bowel movement, protect body fluids

Acupuncture sedate, yangming, *LI 4, 11, *ST 37, 25, *SP 14

- thirst, fever Ren 23, HT 8

- bad breath Ren 24, PC 8

Large Intestine Qi stagnation

unfinished feeling, bitty stools, difficult to pass, bloated, belching, T- white coat, P- wiry

P/T regulate Qi, induce bowel movement

Acupuncture sedate, Ren, foot jueyin, Ren 12 & ST 25, *Ren 6 (move intestines), LR 2 & GB 34

- hypochondriac pain LR 14, SJ 6

- bloating SP 15

Spleen Stomach Qi deficiency

lack of Qi and blood can lead to Lung Qi deficiency, lack of energy to push out stool, sweating and fatigue after bowel movement, T- pale with white coat, P- thin weak

P/T strengthen Spleen, nourish Qi, induce bowel movement

Acupuncture tonify, moxa, BL 20, 21, SP 6, ST 36, Ren 4, BL 25 & ST 25, KI 7 & LI 4

- palpitations PC 6

Spleen Kidney Yang deficient Cold

fatigue, coldness, dizzy, tinnitus, copious clear urine, T- pale, with white moist coat,

P- deep retarded

P/T warm Spleen and Kidney Yang

Acupuncture tonify , moxa, foot shaoyin and taiyin, Ren 6, KI 6, 18, BL 23, 20 & SP 6, ST 25

- excess coldness Du 4, BL 40

- anal prolapse Du 1, 20

Yin/Blood deficiency

chronic, rabbit stools, whole body Yin deficient signs, dryness

P/T moisten dryness, nourish Yin

Acupuncture Shu, foot shaoyin, KI 3, 6, BL 20, SP 6, ST 36, BL 25 & ST 25

- insomnia, palpitations HT 7, LR 2 or 3

- dry mouth jin jin, yue ye

Alternative treatment methods

auricular LI, rectum, SI, sympathetic, medium to strong stimulation, leave for 1-2 hours

injection jian wei and abdominal ashi points, LI 7, vitamin B 0.3-0.5 ml each, daily

breathing, regulate diet, train body to have regular bowel movement times of the day.

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