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Limb spasms, spinal rigor, facial paralysis/twitch etc.

Western medicine epilepsy, tetanus, infant convulsion, brain tumor, meningitis, and more.

TCM Liver Wind

Etiology and Pathogenesis

1. Excess Heat in Ying and Xue level induces Liver Wind

2. Deficiency of blood/fluids leads to tendons/muscles lack of nourishment induces Wind


Differentiation and Treatment

Extreme Heat injures body fluids and induces Wind

high fever, retention of urine, convulsive symptoms with scanty urine, lockjaw

P/T clear Heat, promote body fluid production to extinguish Wind and relieve convulsions.

Acupuncture Rx Du, foot jueyin, Du 14 (heat), 16 (wind), LI 4 (heat, wind), LR 2, 3 (calm Liver wind), GB 34 (tendon influential)

- lockjaw ST 6, 7

- thirst jin jin & yu ye, Ren 23

- limb spasm SI 3, Du 8, BL 57

Ying & Xue level Heat

high fever at night, scanty urine, irritable, insomnia, convulsions, lockjaw, heat in Pericardium,

T- deep red , yellow dry coat

P/T clear Heat, cool blood, calm mind, relieve convulsions

Acupuncture Rx jueyin, PC 7, 8, LR 2, 3, & Du 14 (heat), GB 34 (tendon spasm)

Blood/fluid deficiency

late stage, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, spontaneous sweat, ematiated, limb spasms, facial spasms, dry symptoms, T- dry, P- thin

P/T nourish blood and fluids to relieve convulsions

Acupuncture Rx hand and foot yangming, taiyin, back shu, LI 4, 10, & ST 36 (contain most Qi and blood), SP 6 (Yin, blood), SP 10 (blood), BL 18 & 20 (tonify), *neutral stimulation


Alternative treatment methods

auricular Liver, subcortex, brainstem, Shenmen, sympathetic,

*strong stimulation, 30-60 min.

electro LI 4, 10, 11, si bai, GB 34, LR 3, consistent rapid frequency.

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