Diarrhea (IBS, Crohn’s)

Acupuncture point treatment

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Western medicine – Crohn’s, IBS, GI inflammation


Spleen Damp/Cold

external pathogenic invasion impairs large intestine function, stool too wet watery and frequent with pain and borborygmi, poor appetite, aversion to cold, T- white slippery coat, P- soft or tense

P/T – expel cold, transform Damp, harmonize mid Jiao

Acupunctre – neutral, moxa, hand and foot yangming, LI 4, Ren 12, ST 25, 37 (LI low he-sea)

                - more pain – moxa Ren 8

Food stagnation

                undigested odour in the stool, T- thick dirty coat, P- slippery

                P/T – promote digestion

                Acupuncture – Shu, Mu, Ren 12, LR 13, BL 20, 21, ST 36, Ren 10, Ren 21 & Li Nei Ting (under ST 44)

Liver Qi stagnation

                IBS, emotions induce diarrhea, pain, borborygmi, T- red, thin coat, P- wiry

                P/T – soothe Liver

                Acupuncture – foot jueyin, yangming, BL 18, LR 14, 3, GB 34 (pain), BL 20, Ren 12, ST 25, 36

Large Intestine Damp/Heat

acute cramping then must get to toilet immediately, yellow smelly stool, burning anus, may have fever, T- red, yellow greasy coat, P- soft or slippery and rapid

P/T – clear Heat, eliminate Damp, regulate Large Intestine

Acupuncture – hand and foot yangming, LI 4 & ST 44 (clear Heat), Ren 12, ST 25, 36, 37

                - burning anus – bleed BL 40

                - fever – LI 11 & Du 14

                - Heat – Jin Jin & Yu Yue

Spleen Qi deficiency

                chronic soft stools, sensitive digestive system, fatigue, pale face, T- pale, teeth-marks, greasy coat,

                P- thin

                P/T – strengthen SP Qi, transform Damp

                Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, Ren foot taiyin, Shu, Ren 12, ST 25, BL 21, 25, Ren 9 & SP 6 (damp)

Kidney Yang deficiency

5am diarrhea, undigested food in stool, relief after bowel movements, cold pain around the umbilicus, like warmth and pressure, T- pale, swollen, teeth-marks, white coat, P- deep thin weak

P/T – astringe and warm intestines

Acupuncture – tonify, moxa, BL 23 & Ren 4, BL 20, LR 13, ST 36, Ren 12 & ST 25 (regulate intestines), Du 4 & Ren 8 (needle and moxa)



Alternative treatment methods

                auricular – SI, LI, ST, SP, LR, KI, sympathetic, shenmen, rectum

                acute – strong stimulation, chronic – mild stimulation

                7 star – T8-lower sacrum area, On lower abdomen on the SP, ST and Ren meridians

                injection – B1 & B12 combo, ST 25, 36, 37, BL 25

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