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Three main causes: 1. Liver Yang rising,  2. Phlegm and Blood Stasis,  3. deficiency

Western Medicine - Meniere’s disease, cervical problems, artherosclerosis, injuries, anemia


Liver Wind and Yang rising

anger, long term illness, anything that produces deficiency or excess Heat can lead to Wind and/or Yang rising, blocks the turbid Qi in head thus blocking the clear cavities, usually complicated with headache

P/T – purge Liver and Gallbladder, calm Liver Wind

Acupuncture – sedate, foot Jueyin and Shaoyang, GB 20, 43, LR 2, BL 18

                - insomnia- HT 7, SP 6


                Meniere’s, cloudy heavy head, hard to focus sight, nausea, chest fullness, P- slippery

                Acupuncture- neutral, hand Jueyin, foot Taiyin, SP 9 & ST 40, Ren 12 & PC 6, ST 8

                                - digestive problems- ST 36, 25

Qi and Blood deficiency

                light headedness, blurred vision, floaters, Qi and Blood deficient symptoms

                Acupuncture – foot Yangming and Taiyin, Du 20, SP 10 & BL 17, ST 36 & SP 6, Ren 6

                                - shortness of breath, spontaneous sweat- Ren 17, KI 7

Liver Kidney Yin deficiency

                poor eyesight, memory, sleep, concentration, hearing, tinnitus

                Acupuncture – foot Shaoyin and Jueyin, BL 18 & LR 3, BL 23 & KI 3, HT 7, KI 6

                                - irritable- PC 6, 7, SP 6



Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- for Liver Wind (LR, GB, HBP, bleed vein on the back of the ear), for Phlegm (inner ear, adrenal, sympathetic, SP ST), for Qi and Blood deficiency (adrenal, subcortex, SP ST), Liver and Kidney deficiency (adrenal, subcortex, endocrine, KI, LR, ST)

                scalp- dizziness and hearing region

                injection- Dang Gui

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