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Western medicine – bacterial or amoebic (protozoan) infections




cramping pain, tenesmus (feel the need to defecate although very small amounts are ever discharged- unfinished feeling), pus and fresh blood in stool, scanty yellow urine, fever

                P/T – clear Heat, transform Damp

                Acupuncture – hand and foot yangming, *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, LI 11 & ST 44 (yangming heat)

Toxic Heat

excess fever, dark purple blood in stool, Ying Xue Heat symptoms (restlessness, eruptions, dry symptoms, may vomit blood, manic behavior), T- deep red with yellow coat, P- slippery rapid

P/T – clear Heat, detoxify, stop bleeding

Acupuncture – Du 14 & Jing-well, *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, LI 11 & ST 44


Crohn’s, abdominal pain tenesmus, pus in stool (thick fluids), may contain blood (not very significant), heaviness, fatigue, sticky mouth with no desire to drink, poor appetite,

T- white greasy coat, P- soft slow

P/T – warm mid Jiao, expel Cold, transform Damp

Acupuncture – hand yangming, foot taiyin, moxa, *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, Ren 12, 6, SP 9



defecient mid Jiao with residual pathogen

                recurring attacks of dysentery, jelly like stools (pus and blood)

                Yang deficiency – coldness, T- pale, P- weak

                P/T – warm mid Jiao

                Acupuncture – Shu, BL 20, 21, 22, 23, Ren 4

Yin deficiency – night sweats, dry mouth

                P/T – nourish Yin

                Acupuncture – BL 20, 21, 22, 23, KI 6, SP 10

Jin Kou Li

can’t eat or drink anything without immediately vomiting, mainly caused by Damp/Heat invasion, these people had weak stomachs previous to this invasion

                Acupuncture – *LI 4, *ST 25, *37, PC 6, Ren 12


Alternative treatment methods

injection – 5% glucose fluid in ST 25 (2ml), put needle in until receive the Qi then inject the solution, may also use 0.1% Huang Lian for its antibiotic effects

                3 edge & cupping – bleed 0.2-0.3 cun around navel then cup overtop of the navel.

                auricular – SI LI, ST, SP, LR, KI, sympathetic, shenmen, rectum

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