Gallbladder pain

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Gallbladder pain

Western medicine gallstones, parasites blocking bile duct, inflammation (cholecystitis), bile duct tumors

TCM emotional stresses cause Liver Gallbladder Qi stagnation, stones are caused by Damp/Heat or Phlegm.

Caused by western diet, anger attacks, extreme hunger causes parasites to move and cause pain, drastic weather changes can also induce pain. The upper right quadrant of the abdomen becomes severely painful, either constantly or intermittently. The pain radiates to right scapular region. The Gallbladder area dislikes touch, may show rebound tenderness (slow pressure with quick release causes great pain), patient likes to lay in fetal position, is restless, may have aversion to cold, fever, cold sweat, cold limbs, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting (may progress to vomiting bile or parasites), jaundice, yellow urine, yellow sclera, yellow skin, constipation,

P- wiry rapid or tense.

P/T soothe Liver Gallbladder, move Qi to relieve pain

Acupuncture Rx GB 24 (mu, local), 34 (low he-sea), LR 14 (mu, local), Ren 12 (local, fu influential)

- dan nang (gallbladder extra points) 1-2 cun under GB 34

- soothe Liver LR 3

- cold LI 11, SJ 5

- nausea/vomit ST 36, PC 6

- jaundice SP 6, 9

- constipation ST 25, SJ 6


Alternative treatment methods

auricular Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen, Fu organs, digestive tract, Shenmen, sympathetic,

*strong stimulation

electro GB 24, LR 14, LI 20, ST 2

injection painful area (ashi), codeine


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