Infantile Convulsions

Acupuncture point treatment




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Acute Infantile Convulsions


External Pathogenic invasion

usually Wind/Heat, Flu-like attacks lead to convulsions, T- red with thin yellow coat, P- floating rapid

P/T expel Wind/Heat, open orifices, relieve convulsions

Acupuncture Du, hand Yangming, foot Jueyin, Du 14, LI 11, 12 Jing-well points (bleed), 4 gates

- headaches- taiyang

- vomit- Ren 12, PC 6

- lock law- ST 6, 7


complexion changes to pale-blue, then convulsions start

P/T calm spirit and mind

Acupuncture hand Shaoyin, Du 21, *Yintang, HT 7, *KI 1

- severe- Du 26 (if unconscious)


poor diet, nausea, constipation, leads to Phlegm-Heat and further to convulsions.

P/T clear Heat, resolve Phlegm, open orifices

Acupuncture Du, foot Yangming, Du 26, Ren 12, ST 40, HT 7, LR 3, Si Feng (3 edged needle)



Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- sympathetic, Shenmen, brain, HT, subcortex. Stimulate every 10 minutes. Treatments should be long in duration.

injection- vit B1, in Gan Shu, BL 11, GB 2, SI 19, SJ 21

Tapping (child needle)- Hua Tou Jia Ji, Bai Hui, Yintang


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