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Western medicine – acute or chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreatitis, gallbladder problems (stones, inflammation)

TCM – Damp/Heat in the Liver Gallbladder pushes bile out of it’s regular tract causing *yellowing of the eyes, skin, and sclera.  Often caused by poor diet or alcohol which damages the Spleen Stomach then finally reaches the Liver Gallbladder.



bright yellow Yang jaundice, fever, abdominal distension, thirst, bitter taste, nausea, vomiting, constipation, tenesmus, scanty urine, T- red with yellow greasy coat, P- wiry slippery

                P/T – induce diuresis, clear Heat, soothe Liver Gallbladder

Acupuncture – foot jueyin and shaoyang, BL 19, GB 34, LR 3, SI 4 (Yuan, separate clear from turbid, induce diuresis)

                                - heat, fever – Du 14

                                - constipation – BL 25

Dampness in low Jiao

dull yellow Yin jaundice, Spleen deficiency and mid Jiao Damp symptoms, T- swollen with greasy coat, P- soft slow or wiry slippery

                P/T – strengthen Spleen Stomach, induce diuresis

Acupuncture – neutral, moxa, foot taiyin, yangming, *Du 9 (below T9- level with inferior scapular border), Ren 12 & ST 36 & BL 20 (damp), BL 19 & SP 6 (soothe Gallbladder, induce diuresis)

                                - mid Jiao symptoms – Ren 4, ST 25

Toxic Heat

acute rapid severe dark orange-golden jaundice, Ying Xue level Heat, high fever, thirst, bleeding (from anywhere), T- deep red with yellow dry coat, P- wiry slippery rapid

P/T – clear Heat, detoxify, cool blood, clear Ying Xue Heat

Acupuncture – Du, foot jueyin, Du 14, 26, BL 18, 19 & GB 34 (purge Liver Gallbladder toxic heat),

LI 4 & LR 3 (4 gates- purge heat, severe), HT 9 (bleed)

Yang deficient Cold

                dull yellow jaundice, poor appetite, bloating, soft stool, sticky tasteless or sweet taste in mouth,

                no thirst, cold symptoms, T- pale with white greasy coat, P- soft slow or deep retarded

                P/T – warm mid Jiao, expel cold, transform Damp, strengthen Spleen

                Acupuncture – foot taiyin and yangming, LR 13 & BL 20, Ren 12 & ST 36,(warm and transform), SP 6,

*SI 4 (empirical for jaundice)

                                - more Yang deficiency – Ren 4, Du 4



Alternative treatment methods

auricular – GB, LR, SP, ST, mid ear, medium stimulation

injection – Ban Lan Gen (antiviral), vitamin B1, Dan Shen, LR 14, GB 24, BL 18, 19, SJ 3

                - 0.5-1.0 ml daily


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