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Lochia Retention

Postpartum vaginal bleeding is scanty accompanied by low Jiao pain or distension.


Cold Pathogen invasion leading to Blood Stasis

scanty vaginal bleeding, cold pain in lower abdomen, whitish blue complexion, generally cold symptoms, aversion to cold, T- purple, P- deep tense

P/T warm meridian, expel cold, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture Ren 3 & Ren 8 (moxa), ST 30, SP 8

Qi and Blood stagnation

emotional factors involved, stressed, angry, depressed, scanty vaginal bleeding, abdominal distension with milder pain than above pattern, Liver Qi stagnation symptoms

P/T regulate Liver Qi, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture LR 3, Ren 6, SP 10

- pain/distension- SJ 6, GB 34 (soothe Liver Qi)



Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- internal reproductive organs, LR, adrenal gland, sympathetic, subcortex, Shenmen


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