Loss of consciousness (Jue Zheng)

Acupuncture point treatment

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Loss of Consciousness (Jue Zheng)

Suddenly fainting with cold limbs.

Western medicine stroke, sunstroke, kidney failure, severe dysentery, food poisoning, diabetes

TCM disharmony between Yin & Yang, Qi circulation is irregular.

type 1 (Jue) Qi stagnation blocks clear cavities (tense, closed, Jue)

type 2 (Tuo) sinking Qi cannot rise to clear cavities (collapse, open, shock, Tuo)

Etiology and Pathogenesis

1. External pathogenic invasion disrupts mind

2. Yin deficiency leads to hyperactive Yang rising, Qi and blood shoots upward, patient loses consciousness.

3. Turbid Phlegm accumulation causing Heat which blocks the clear cavities.

4. Qi and blood deficiency, acute or chronic, not enough nutrients to clear cavities.


Differentiation and Treatment

Jue (tense, closed)

faint, loss of consciousness with tense features (closed fists, lockjaw), heavy breathing, Phlegm wheezing sound from throat, spasms, urine and stool retention, T- greasy coat, P- wiry rapid

P/T eliminate Phlegm, open meridians and clear cavities, revive mind, rescue consciousness

Acupuncture Rx Du, hand jueyin, 1st needle Du 26, 20, PC 8, 9 (to open cavities), then open 4 gates LI 4 to SI 3, LR 3 to KI 1.

- fever Du 14, LI 11

- wheezing & heavy breathing Ren 22, ST 40

- lockjaw ST 6, Ren 24

- spasm Du 8, SI 3

- retention of urine and stool SJ 6, Ren 3, ST 25

Tuo (collapse, open, shock)

loss of consciousness, pale complexion or pale after a flush of redness, weak breathin, mouth and hands open, oily cold sweat, cold limbs, urinary and bowel incontinence, low blood pressure, P- weak, Yin and Yang separate, Qi and blood collapse.

P/T rescue patient, strongly tonify Yang and Qi.

Acupuncture Rx Ren, Du, needle and moxa, Ren 4, 6, 8 (moxa only), Du 20, 25, 26, ST 36,

*strong stimulation, use heavy moxa with salt until patient is revived, mostly Ren 8 & 20.


Alternative treatment methods

auricular Heart, brain, sympathetic, Shenmen

electro PC 8 & KI 1, strong rapid frequency


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