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Western medicine this accompanies heart disorders, chronic fatigue, anxiety, etc.


Heart Gallbladder deficiency

anxiety attack, neurosis, depression, chronic fatigue, whole body not balanced, induced by shock or wake in the middle of the night, poor sleep

P/T nourish Heat and Gallbladder Qi, calm spirit

Acupuncture BL 15, Ren 14, BL 19, PC 5 (ghost), HT 7

- timid, edgy, easily scared PC 7

- spontaneous sweat, shortness of breath ST 36, KI 7

Heart Spleen deficiency

similar to the above Heart symptoms but with the addition of Blood deficiency and Spleen deficiency symptoms

P/T nourish Heart Spleen Qi and blood

Acupuncture tonify BL 15 & Ren 14, BL 20, ST 36, BL 17 (blood)

- loose stool ST 25, 37

Heart Yin deficiency

blood deficiency and Heat symptoms

P/T nourish Yin, clear deficient Fire

Acupuncture BL 23, KI 3, HT 7, 6

- 5 centre heat KI 1, PC 8

Heart Blood Stasis

palpitations and fixed pain

P/T promote circulation, remove Stasis

Acupuncture neutral, PC 6, Ren 17, BL 15, moxa Ren 6, BL 17, SP 10

- insomnia HT 7

Fluids attack Heart

palpitations and water retention, frothy watery phlegm with cough, chest fullness, dyspnea, difficult to lay flat, facial and/or ankle edema, scanty urine, dizziness, P- slippery wiry

P/T invigorate Yang Qi, transform water

Acupuncture hand shaoyin, Ren, Ren 4 & BL 23 (KI Yang), SP 9 (diuresis), PC 6 & HT 7 (palpitations),

Ren 17 (regulate chest Qi)

Heart Yang deficiency

palpitations and cold symptoms

P/T warm and invigorate Yang

Acupuncture BL 14, 15 (Heart Yang), Ren 4, 6 (moxa), PC 6 & HT 7 (palpitations)



Alternative treatment methods

auricular HT, shenmen, chest, LU, subcortex, KI, medium to mild stimulation

7 star neck, sub-mandibular region, bronchial area, lower sacrum, chosen points from prescription, PC 6, LU 9, etc., medium stimulation- just until spotting blood

injection BL 15, PC 6, Dan Shen, Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong



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