Phlegm-fluids retention

Acupuncture point treatment




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Phlegm-Fluids retention

Lung and Stomach

Tai Yin

Hypochondriac region

Xuan Yin

General edema (limbs and muscles)

Yi Yin

Chest and diaphragm

Zhi Yin

Western medicine – chronic bronchitis, gastritis, pleurisy, ascites, heart Kidney disorders causing edema, emphysema, stomach and intestine disorders

TCM – external pathogenic invasion, irregular diet, injury (chronic illness, overwork)


Tai Yin

hypochondriac and chest fullness, palpitations, shortness of breath, water sounds in abdomen, vomiting clear fluids, thirst with no desire to drink, dizziness, blurred vision, soft stools, lumbago, cold limbs, low abdominal spasms, cold limbs, irregular urination (scanty difficult or frequent copious), T- pale with white slippery greasy coat, P- wiry slippery or deep wiry

                P/T – warm Yang Qi, induce diuresis

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyang, taiyin, Ren, Moxa, tonify, BL 23, 20, 22, SP 6, Ren 4, 6 (invigorate Yang Qi to help water transformation)

                - soft stools – ST 36, Ren 12

                - palpitation, shortness of breath – PC 6, HT 7

Xuan Xin

                cough with frothy fluids, chest and hypochondriac distended pain, chest fullness, bland taste,

                T- pale, P- deep wiry

                P/T – regulate and harmonize Shaoyang Qi

Acupuncture Rx – neutral stimulation, BL 13 & LU 1 (cough), BL 22 (SJ), GB 37 (Liver Luo) & GB 40 (yuan) – regulate shaoyang Qi

                - to move water more – LU 7, LR 14, Ren 17

Yi Yin

Wind edema, water spreads to muscles/limbs, heavy body, aching limbs, edema, aversion to cold, cough white frothy phlegm, shortness of breath, dry heaves, no thirst, T- white coat, P- wiry tense

P/T – induce sweat to eliminate water

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyin, yangming, taiyang, stimulate until patient breaks sweat, purge and sedate, SP 6, 9, & BL 20 (help Spleen transform Damp), BL 12, 13 & LU 7 (induce sweat), LI 4, 11 (invigorate Qi, expel pathogens)

Zhi Yin

pleurisy, cough, dyspnea, chest fullness, can’t lay flat, cough large amounts of frothy white phlegm, if condition becomes chronic patient may get facial edema,

T- pale, with white greasy coat, P- wiry tense

P/T – waum Lung to transform fluids

Acupuncture Rx – foot taiyin, taiyang, Ren, Moxa, Ren 17 & BL 13 & LU 7 (Lung Qi regulation),

Ding chuan & GB 21 (deficient Lung Qi), BL 20 & SP 9 (Spleen transform Damp)



Alternative treatment methods

                auricular – LU, SP, LR, GB, LI, shenmen, sympathetic, endocrine, subcortex, bronchi, chest

fire needle – lower abdomen or back shu – heat needle with fire then insert 0.2-0.5 cun quickly and pull out immediately, be sure to keep area clean until healed



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