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TCM- toxic Damp/Heat.

Mostly happens to children between the ages of 6 moths to 2 years. It is worst in summer and fall. Polio starts with fever (with a sore neck) coming before the paralysis or flaccidity, strange mental symptoms, sweat, nausea, headache. Fever goes up, then comes down again. When it rises after this remission it will be accompanied by the paralysis or flaccidity (one sided).


Wind/Heat/Damp invades the Lungs

initial fever is quite high, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, cold symptoms

P/T promote Lung function, expel pathogens

Acupuncture hand Taiyin and Yangming, LI 4, 11, LU 7, Du 14, Ren 12, ST 25, 36, GB 20

Damp/Heat in Jing Luo (Yangming)

Mid stage, fever rises again, whole body is painful and heavy, may vomit, diarrhea, irritability

P/T clear Heat, transform Damp

Acupuncture hand and Foot Taiyin and Yangming, LI 4, 11, ST 36, SP 9, GB 34

- limb paralysis- LI 10, 11, 14, GB 30

Liver Kidney deficiency

chronic paralysis/flaccidity, muscular atrophy, weakness, cold

P/T nourish Liver and Kidney, strengthen bones and tendons

Acupuncture Shu, foot Shaoyang, hand Yangming, BL 18, 23, Du 2, 3, KI 3, GB 34, 39, ST 36

- local points for paralysis, i.e. Hua Tou Jia Ji western correspondence to the nerves that control the particular area that is paralysed.



Alternative Treatment Methods

injection- vit B1, B12, Dang Gui, into Hua Tou Jia Ji and local points. 0.5-1ml

7 star- along local area and meridians

auricular- Shenmen, subcortex, spinal cord

exercise, physiotherapy, Tuina massage



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