Postpartum Dizziness

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Postpartum Dizziness

After delivery, sudden dizziness, blurred vision, can not stand, possible vomit, chest fullness, if severe may see fainting (may be pre-eclampsia).


Blood deficiency (Yang Qi collapse- shock) due to loss of blood

excess loss of blood during delivery, cloudiness, slow, spaced out, dizziness, blurred vision, pale complexion, nausea, irritable, fullness in chest, palpitations, shortness of breath, fainting, cold limbs, cold sweat (shock)

P/T nourish Yang Qi, rescue Yang

Acupuncture Ren, Du, Ren 4 & 6 (moxa), Du 26 (fainting), SP 6, ST 36

- fullness in chest- PC 6

- palpitations- HT 7

- bleeding- moxa SP 1

Blood Stasis

Qi reverses due to stagnation, P- wiry uneven

1. infection, cold pathogen invades the meridians leading to stasis

2. emotions lead to Liver Qi stagnation

3. Qi rising clouding the mind, dyspnea

P/T warm meridians, expel cold, promote blood circulation

Acupuncture Du, Ren, Du 26 (fainting), Ren 3, 7, SP 6, SJ 6, bleed Jing-well or Shi Xuan

- lock jaw- LI 4, LR 3, ST 6



Alternative Treatment Methods

auricular- Shenmen, sympathetic, adrenal, HT, LR, internal reproductive organs



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