Prolonged Delivery (long labor)

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Prolonged Delivery

Delivery that lasts more than 24 hours.  Usually caused by either Qi and Blood deficiency or stagnation.


Qi and Blood deficiency

                not enough Qi to push baby out, water breaks too early leaving no lubrication to the birth canal,                 contractions are not powerful, woman is pale, exhausted, woman feels like they can’t do it!

                Acupuncture – Tonify, moxa, foot Taiyin & Yangming, ST 36, KI 7 & SP 6, BL 67, LI 4, GB 21

                                - low spirit- PC 6

Qi and Blood stagnation

                first delivery, very nervous, may have been a lack of exercise throughout pregnancy, before labor,                 too cold in delivery room, delivery room is not a comfortable tranquil environment, severe                 abdominal pains but the baby is not moving well, blood is dark red, woman is very irritable,

                T- dark, P- forceful deep

                P/T – regulate Qi and Blood

                Acupuncture – sedate, moxa then needle, BL 67, Duyin (second distal phalangeal joint on 2nd toe), LI 4,

                GB 21, SP 6



Alternative Treatment Methods

                auricular- uterus, subcortex, sympathetic, KI abdomen, intestines, BL, medium to strong                 stimulation every 3-5 minutes.

                electrical- BL 31, 32, LI 4, SP 6, tens pads (not as effective), strong intermittent frequency



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