Acupuncture treatment stomach spasms



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Stomach spasms

Acute sudden onset of stomach spasms causing stomach ache.

Western medicine acute gastritis, ulcer, cancer, neurosis.

Warmth and pressure help condition, rectus abdominus can be seen spasming, pale face, cold sweat, cold limbs, nausea, vomiting, belching, acid reflux, P-wiry. May be caused by acute sudden over-eating, eating too fast, eat too much after fasting, consumption of too much cold foods.

P/T regulate Qi to harmonize Stomach Qi and relieve pain

Acupuncture Rx foot yangming, ST 21 (local), 34 (xi-cleft, pain), 36, Ren 12 (mu)

- nausea/vomiting PC 6

- belching, reflux Ren 10, 11

- rectus spasms GB 34, Du 8, 9

- deficiency cold back-shu points

*purge and sedate, when pain subsides use moxa.


Alternative treatment methods

auricular Stomach, Shenmen, sympathetic, *strong stimulation

electro ST 34, 36, GB 34, *strong rapid continuous frequency














































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