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Cancer (tumor, neoplasm)

Tumor-Benign (less harmful)
-Malignant (cancer) -Carcinogen (substance which causes growth of cancer)
-Sarcoma (cancer of soft tissue)
Most cancer patients would have experienced cold hands and cold feet (Si Ni San) at one point in their recent past. They will generally have chronic characteristic tongue signs of teeth marks, purple body and swelling. If the tongue is purple green it indicated that the liver is involved and creates a difficult pattern to treat. Cancer cells are acidic and sour in nature.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Cancer Treatment:
Cancer caused by basic internal causes and pathogenic factors
Pathogenic factors: Blood stasis, Phlegm, Toxic substance
Basic Internal Cause: Qi/Blood/Yin/Yang deficiency

Western Medicine Cancer Treatment:
Generally if a patient lives for more than 5 years after cancer treatment they are considered 'cured'!
Cancer caused by carcinogens and cellular change
Carcinogens: Environment (food, water, air, noise, radiation)
(exogenous) Chemical (drugs)
Cellular Change: Immunoregulation
(endogenous) Endocrine dysfunction

TCM Cancer Pattern:
Spleen Deficiency Leading To Kidney Deficiency
Yang Deficiency with: Deficiency (ie fatigue)
Dampness (ie teeth marks)
Blood Stagnation (purple tongue)
When treating cancer the spleen is deficient and special care must be taken not to damage the spleens function. Any type of tonification of the body will not only strengthen the zheng Qi it will also strengthen the cancer cells! One must also limit their sexual activity in order to save their kidney essence.

Emotions Linked To Cancer:
Clinically 90% of cancer patients had an excessive emotional situation prior to the onset of the cancer symptoms. Tradiionally if they were sad they will have lung symptoms and possibly lung cancer. If they were angry then they will have liver cancer.
Generally there is a 5 stage emotional response to cancer:
Denial - Not Me (wants 2nd and 3rd opinions, does not want to accept)
Anger - Why Me (nervous and angry, does not know what to do)
Agreement - Help Me (unfocussed, getting as much info as possible)
Depression - Kill Me (difficulty dealing with their position)
Acceptance - Treat Me (focussed on treatment)
Acupuncture can be beneficial for these emotions:
Depression - yin tang, Du 20, St 36, Pc 6 MOXA - Ren 4,6,10
Frustration - Lv 3, Gb 34 (help release emotions - induce crying)
Anger - calming points, liver and heart meridians
Over Thinking (help me) - spleen and stomach points

Diet Treatment For Cancer:
Limit diet to quality, not quantity. Cancer cells will absorb the nutrition from food so a small diet of anti-cancer foods would be beneficial. The cancer cells reproduce faster than normal cells and they will die faster as well. A diet bringing in the minimal amount of calories to maintain the bodies metabolism is optimal.
-do not eat sugar
-become vegetarian (fish is the least harmful, make transition slowly)
-eat good quality protein - tofu, beans, eggs, nuts, mushrooms
-do not eat cold or bitter foods
-do not eat foods which create damp cold or damp heat

Other Areas For Treating Cancer:
Meditation: Imagine that the cancer is dissipating and dying. Imagine that you are surrounded by a white light which fights the cancer within.

TCM Cancer Treatment:
Must attack the tumor and strengthen vital Qi at the same time.
Attacking Tumor -must use toxic herbs or poisoning herbs. Hot Toxic are better than Cold Toxic.
Strengthening Zheng Qi/Vital Qi -must keep spleen Qi strong, use the least spleen harmful herbs.
Detoxify Herbs/Formulas: Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
Pu Gong Ying, Yuan Hua, Da Qing Ye, (Huang Lian/Bai/Qin too cold for spleen)
Poisoning Herbs For Anti-Cancer Use: Quan Xie, Wu Gong, Zhe Chong

Co-ordinating TCM Cancer Treatment With Other Treatments:
Best results are found when treatments are co-ordinated and not used independently
Homeopathic and Naturopathic Medicine - new in clinic, unknown proven results
Western Medicine Combined With TCM Cancer Treatments:
4 stages of treatment: (1)attack cancer, (2)rebuild immune system, (3)attack cancer, (4)rebuild immune system.
Chemotherapy: Blood stasis and Toxic heat Always Accompany Chemotherapy
Between Chemo treatments the Vital Qi must be rebuilt and nourished
*Before Chemo -tonify vital Qi (white blood cells) and keep emotions calm and healthy
Ba Zheng Tang Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang
Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang Gui Pi Tang
Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
*During Chemo -Treat side effects as well Blood stasis and Toxic heat.
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang + detoxify herbs/formula
Liang Xue Si Wu Tang + detoxify herbs/formula
Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang + detoxify herbs/formula
*After Chemo -Tonify, nourish and rebuild
***-for all 3 stages we MUST - tonify, detoxify, poisoning (toxic herbs for cancer), move stasis, eliminate phlegm/damp

Surgery: (post surgery usually Spleen/Lung and Qi/Blood Deficiency)
*Tonify before surgery
*Tonify after surgery
**-for all stages we MUST - tonify, detoxify, poisoning (toxic herbs for cancer), move stasis, eliminate phlegm/damp

Radiation: due to it's extreme heat it damages Qi, Yin and Body Fluids
Use Qi and Yin Tonics - Zheng Ye Tang Sheng Mai San
Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang
Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang
Depending on where the radiation is being administered use guiding herbs.
Upper jiao - nose eye symptoms lower jiao - lin syndrome
*-for all stages we MUST - tonify, detoxify, poisoning (toxic herbs for cancer), move stasis, eliminate phlegm/damp

Examination and Pathogenic Diagnosis:
Anticancer Treatment or Accessory Treatment:
Recovery - non disease - live long duration of time
Recovery - non diease process - recurring or diffusion - disease relapse
Impossible Recovery - non-recovery treatment - exacerbation - death



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