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Chronic Bronchitis


Chronic Bronchitis
Characterized by a chronic productive cough for 3 months in 2 successive years where all other causes such as infections of TB are not the cause.
It is also related to emphysema and any airflow obstruction which is generally progressive. This disease is most commonly seen in the spring and fall (highest from September 15 - 25)
TCM - Kidney and Lung Deficiency

Diagnosis of Chronic Bronchitis:
Time : of day, of month, of year,
Phlegm: dry, sticky, yellow, white, clear, purple, lots, little, thin, thick,
Dark Phlegm - kidney Purple Phlegm - Heart Qi/Yang deficiency
Green Phlegm - liver attack lung
Chest Pain - first think heart disorders, lung disorders second
Fevers - high fever - pneumonia, bronchitis
Lower fever - first think TB
Dry cough, unable to remove phlegm - think cancer
Diarrhea with bronchitis - mother and son both diseased - late stage - bad prognosis
Diarrhea, edema and bronchitis - heart, lung, kidney failure

3 stages
Bronchitis - Asthma - Emphysema

Chronic Bronchitis Formulas:
Hot type - Ding Chuan Tang
Cold type - Xiao Qing Long Tang
According to other symptoms combine with Spleen or Kidney tonics

Chronic Bronchitis Herbal Treatment:
Excellent Herbs For Bronchitis
Ban Xia
Huang Qi
Chen Pi
Chi Shao Yao
Fu Ling
Gan Cao
Bu Gu
Good - Bronchitis
Yu Xing Cao
Jie Geng
Fu Zi
Dan Shen
Bai Bu
Bai Hu
Dang Shen
Bai Zhu
Gan Jiang
Bei Mu
Huang Jing
Wu Wei zi

Excellent Herbs For Asthma
Ma Huang
Di Long
Bei Mu
Xing Ren
Xi Xin
Shi Gan
Fu Ling
Gan Cao
Su Zi
Wu Wei Zi
Ban Xia
Huang Qin
Zi Cao
Good - Asthma
Bai Jie Zi
Lai Fu Zi
Gan Jiang
Gua Lou
Bu Gu zhi
Sheng Jiang
Sang Bai Pi
Shu Di

Jiang Can and Chan Tui - good for wind cold and wind heat
Sha Shen (LU, ST) and Bai Hu (LU, HT) - chronic lung yin deficiency

Stick Phlegm Formula - San Zi Yang Qin Tang

Acupuncture - bronchitis/asthma - LU 6, BL 15
Moxibustion - bronchitis - back shu points, direct


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