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General Hepatitis
The hepatitis virus has an incubation period of 15 - 50 days before its symptoms start to be revealed. The symptoms range in severity from mild cold symptoms to extreme health disorders. The main symptom is fatigue which can be accompanied by a loss of appetite, fever, dark urine, vomiting, sour/sweet taste, upper right stomach discomfort, yellowing of the sclera, and jaundice symptoms.
Using TCM theories this pattern is closely related to the Spleen and Liver functions.

TCM basic pattern of Hepatitis - Toxic Damp Heat in the Liver and Spleen

Formulas for Hepatitis:
Damp heat - Yin Chen Hao Tang - clear heat and dampness - jaundice
Damp cold - Yin Chen Wu Ling San -damp heat with urinary disorders
Yin Chen Si Fu Tan -
Yin Chen Zhu Fu Tang - Yin type jaundice with spleen yang deficiency
Top 5 Herbs For Hepatitis:
Chai Hu Bai Sha Bai Zhu Gan Cao Dan Shen
Herbs for Deficiency:
Dang Gui Fu Ling Dang Shen Huang Qi

Detoxifying Herbs for Hepatitis:

Bai Hua Shi Shi Cao
Ban Lan Gen
Hu Jiao
Yu Jin
Yin Chen Hao
Huang Qin
Chen Pi
Yi Yi Ren
Shan Zha
Bie Jia
Tao Ren
Guan Zhong
Sang Ji Sheng
Huang Bai
Chuan Lian Zi
Mu Xiang
Bai Jiang cao
Mu Dan Pi
Shan Yao
Gou Qi Zi
Wu Wei Zi
Sheng Di
Niu Zheng Zi
Zi Cao
Da Huang
Tu Fu Ling
Ji Nei Jin
Mai Dong
Han Lian Cao
Xiang Fu
Ban Xia
Pu Gong Ying
Huang Jing



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