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Loss of hair (hair loss)

Alopecia - Baldness - Yu Feng
Sudden or complete loss of hair with chronic skin follicle conditions appearing in any age but most conditions appear in middle age. In western medicine it is considered an autoimmune disease. The acute attack will start with small or large patches of hair which falls out leaving shiny oily lookin skin.
Good prognosis - hair is not easily pulled out and has a thick root
Poor prognosis - hair is easily pulled out and has a thin root

Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Alopecia:

Blood Deficiency With Wind Dryness - lack of nourishment to skin and hair enables wind to attack body easily, general dry symptoms.
Shen Ying Yang Zhen Dan
Qi and Blood Stagnation - stress, possible headache before hair loss with stabbing pain or possible head trauma to effected area
Tong Qiao Hou Xue Tang + Xiao Yao San
Qi And Blood Deficiency - Insomnia, palpitations
Ba Zhen Tang
Liver And Kidney Deficiency - chronic, thin, dry, brittle hair
Qi Bao Mei Fa Dan + Chuan Xiong
Sheng Jiang or Chuan Xiong directly to effected area to stimulate circulation







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