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Adult Eczema
Inflamation of the outer layer of skin from an unknown cause. In the early stages it may be itchy and red and have small blisters which swell and weep. The blisters will slowly crust over and
become scaly as the skin thickens around the effected area. The itching and burning sensation can be aggravated by any type of heat, alcohol or certain soaps.

Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Eczema:
Damp Heat - Bei Xie Shen Shi Tang + Er Miao San
Top of Body - Ju Hua, Chan Tui, Sang Ye
Middle area of Body - Long Dan Cao, Huang Qin
Lower part of Body - Chu Xian Zi, Zi Xie
Severe Itch - Di Fu Zi, Bai Xian Pi
Burning - Mu Dan Pi, Sheng Di Huang, Chi Xiao Yao
Wind Heat - No blisters
Xiao Geng San + herbs which enter the blood (dan Shen, Bai Ji Li, Mu Dan Pi)
Spleen Dampness - chronic excema, less red and more pale with thin fluids discharge
Chu Shu Wei Ling Tang + aromatic herbs to dry damp (Hou Xiang)
Blood Deficiency - chronic excema with thick, dry, dark flaky skin
Dang Gui Yin Zi + expel wind herbs (Qing Jiao, Bai Ji Li, Fang Feng)
Si Wu Xiao Feng Yin + expel wind herbs (Qing Jiao, Bai Ji Li, Fang Feng)
EXTERIOR Apply anything cooling


Infantile Eczema
Usually occurs in babies from the ages of 2-3 months until the age of 2-3years.

Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Infantile Eczema:
Damp Heat - Phat body, usually rash appears around eye brow and behind ears. They will develop thick yellow scabs and clinically have poor digestion (constipation and/or diarrhea) During the pregnancy the mother usually had heat with this condition.
Xiao Feng Dao Chi Tang
Spleen Deficiency - Dry - baby will look deficient, weak muscular development, dry eruptions, pink flaky skin. Baby easily vomits undigested food
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San
Apply Di Yu Huang Bai Tang
Wash - peel off scabs - apply Qing Dai Cream







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