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Common Warts - Papillomavirus
Warts may appear at any age but are most common in older children and can be found in multiple or single forms. Traditionally they are referred to as the "1'000 day eruption" because they commonly last for approximately that duration of time. Warts will attack a specific area of the body and depending on the local area's immunity the wart may grow. They are most commonly found on the hand, fingers, feet, toes, face and around the nails of the hands and feet. They will be rough, round or oval, raised, light grey or yellow, silk like, and most commonly found to be the size of a soy bean.
TCM - liver blood dryness,(wind or toxic pathogen attacks) or kd essence/Qi def.


Wind Heat in Liver and Gall Bladder - acute, short course, many eruptions
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Kidney Deficiency - chronic, rough (cauliflower), grey brown, bleeds when broken
Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Acupuncture - surround area with needles - pull wart up, needle under it at the root
Moxibustion - direct moxa on wart (burn)
Strangle -use patients own hair to tie around wart and strangle it too death.


Flat Warts - Papillomavirus
Flat worts are caused by the same virus as common warts but are different in shape and size. They are usually rice sized round or oval paules which are hard to the touch and may have a slight itch. Their onset is slow and are frequently found on the face, forearm and dorsum of the hand. Usually they are present on young females but can also be found on males.
TCM - Spleen deficiency with turbid dampness

Wind Heat - more upper area's with itching
Yin Qiao San
Wind Damp - no itch, un-clear eruptions
Chi Shi Wei Ling Tang
Blood Stagnation - chronic dark brown eruptions
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
Ma Chi Xian, Bai Zhi, Ku Shen, Chen Pi, She Chuang Zi, Xi Xin, Lu Feng Fang
Acupucnture -Auricular acupuncture
Do Not Scratch - contagious


Soft Warts - Papillomavirus
Soft warts are small raised bright skin swellings that resemble rat nipples. They are contagious and may have a cottage cheese like discharge. They are most commonly found on the body trunk and limbs but may be present throughout the body.

Ban Lan Gen - Da Qing Ye
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang
Clean effected area with alcohol, puncture and discharge fluids, apply iodine and San Qi powder
Acupuncture - bleed jing well points if warts are near extremities.






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