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Gan Cao

Also Known As:

Alcacuz, Alcazuz, Chinese Licorice, Gan Cao, Gan Zao, Glycyrrhiza, Isoflavone, Isoflavones, Lakritze, Licorice Root, Liquiritiae radix, Liquirizia, Liquorice, Orozuz, Phytoestrogen, Reglisse, Regliz, Russian Licorice, Spanish Licorice, Subholz, Sweet Root.

Gan Cao                  Properties: SWEET – NEUTRAL(RAW)/WARM                    Dosage: 2-12g.

Licorice                          Meridian: ALL 12 – MAINLY- HEART, LUNG SPLEEN, STOMACH

Root                   -tonify spleen & stomach Qi – digestive disorders

                        -moisten lung – stops dry cough

                        -tonify heart Qi – regulates pulse

                        -clears heat & toxic fire

                        -alleviates pain – stops spasms

                        -harmonize & moderates characteristics of other herbs

                        -antidote for toxicity

                        *easily causes bloating, don’t use with hypertension, edema, Hai Zao



Also Used For:

Gan Cao is used for gastric and duodenal ulcers, sore throat, bronchitis, chronic gastritis, colic, primary adrenocortical insufficiency, dry cough, arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and for bacterial and viral infections. It is also used for liver disorders, hypokalemia, hypertonia, malaria, tuberculosis, abscesses, food poisoning, diabetes insipidus, and contact dermatitis.

Licorice has antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, laxative, and soothing properties. The constituents, glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhetinic acid, inhibit 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase . This inhibition blocks metabolism of prostaglandins E and F2 alpha and may be responsible for peptic ulcer healing observed with these products



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