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Herbs That Release The Exterior Wind Heat


The herbs in this category release pathogenic diseases which are found in the superficial level of the body. When Pathogenic factors attack the body they first attack the superficial area and exterior aspects of our bodies. These herbs will expel or release the external pathogenic factors through sweating, when the disease is in the skin sweating will bring it out. If the disease progresses past the skin and deeper into the body it enters the muscles.

The herbs in this category will have a cool and pungent property which will expel wind heat pathogens. Wind heat will show itself in the superficial region as severe fevers with mild chills and a sore throat.



Bo He Properties: PUNGENT, AROMATIC - COOL Dosage: 1.5 6g.

Field Mint Meridian: LUNG, LIVER

(Mentha)-expel wind-heat fever, headache, cough

-clears head and eyes- aids throat, sore throat, red eyes, headache

-clears rashes early stage to accelerates rash at early stage

-liver Qi stagnation emotional, gynaecological disorders


Niu Bang Zi Properties: PUNGENT, BITTER - COLD Dosage: 3 9g.

Great Burdock Fruit Meridian: LUNG, STOMACH

(Arctium)-expel wind-heat, benefits throat fever, cough, sore-red-swollen throat

-clear heat, relieve toxicity red swellings, carbuncles, mumps, rashes

-moisten intestines constipation due to wind-heat


Ge Gen Properties: SWEET, PUNGENT - COOL Dosage: 6 12g.

Kudzu Root Meridian: SPLEEN, STOMACH

(Pueraria)-release muscle, clear heat fever, headache, stiffness in back and neck

-nourish fluids alleviate thirst with stomach heat

-vents measles accelerates rash at early stage

-clear heat, helps spleen deficiency diarrhea, dysentery

-hypertension headache, dizziness, tinnitus


Fu Ping Properties: PUNGENT - COLD Dosage: 3 6g.

Duckweed Meridian: BLADDER, LUNG

(Spirodela) -expel exterior heat headache, body ache, diaphoretic

-unblocks muscle level, vents rashes accelerates rash at early stage

-expel water, reduce swelling hot superficial edema in upper extremities, urinary difficulty


Sang Ye Properties: SWEET, BITTER - COLD Dosage: 4.5 15g.

White Mulberry Leaf Meridian: LIVER, LUNG

-expel wind, clear lung heat fever, headache, sore throat, cough, dry mouth, thick yellow sputum

-clear liver red-sore-dry-painful eyes, floaters

-cool blood, stop bleeding vomiting blood


Ju Hua Properties: SWEET, BITTER - COOL Dosage:4.5 15g.

Chrysanthemum Flower Meridian: LIVER, LUNG

-disperse wind, clear heat headache, fever

-clears liver red-painful-dry eyes, excessive tearing, floaters

-calms liver dizziness, headache, deafness, blurred vision


Chan Tui Properties: SWEET, SALTY - COOL Dosage: 3 9g.

Cicada Moulting Meridian: LUNG, LIVER

-disperse wind, clear heat loss of voice, swollen throat

-vents rashes accelerates early stage of rash

-clears liver red-painful-swollen eyes, blurry vision

-stops infantile wind spasm, delirium, night terrors, convulsion


Chai Hu Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT - COOL Dosage: 3 12g.


(Bupleurum) -clears less yang disorders fever, chills, bitter taste, irritable, vomiting

-liver Qi stagnation vertigo, menstrual disorder, chest pain, bloating

-spleen and stomach deficiency prolapsed organ, diarrhea, hemorrhoids


Dan Dou Chi Properties: SWEET, BITTER - COLD or WARM Dosage:6 15g.

Prepared Soybean Meridian: LUNG, STOMACH

-release both exterior hot or cold yin deficient patters

-eliminates vexation, irritability, restlessness, insomnia


Sheng Ma Properties: PUNGENT, SWEET - COOL Dosage: 1.5 9g.


(Bugbane Rhizome) -release exterior, vents measles accelerates early stages of skin rash

-clear heat, relieve toxicity toxins in upper or superficial areas, swelling-painful-sore gums/lips/throat

-raise Yang, spleen Qi sinking short of breath, fatigue, prolapse

-guides other herbs upwards


Man Jing Zi Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT - COOL Dosage: 6 12g.

Vitex Fruit Meridian: BLADDER, LIVER, STOMACH

-expel wind, clear heat headache with eye pain

-wind-heat in liver excessive tearing, red-painful-swollen eyes, floaters

-drains damp, expel wind stiff-numb-cramping-heavy limbs 2002