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Herbs That Dispel Wind Damp


The herbs written in this chapter are predominantly used for wind dampness effecting the muscles, sinews, joints and bones creating painful obstructions within the channels.  When the superficial ‘evils’ enter the meridians causing pain it is called “Bi” syndrome.  There are 4 different types of Bi syndrome which need to be treated differently.  Wind Bi (Xing Bi) is usually a moving pain which can move from joint to joint or area to area.  Cold Bi (Tong Bi) will have severe cold pain which will be in a fixed location that is aggravated by any type of cold and possibly alleviated by heat.  Damp Bi (Zhou Bi) will have a damp nature showing its symptoms of fixed pain with swelling and numbness of the skin and muscles.  Hot Bi (Re Bi) will have burning pain in a fixed area which will be aggravated by cold and possibly accompanied by fever, thirst and a rapid pulse.



Du Huo                    Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT - WARM                                                                Dosage: 3 – 9g.

Angelica                        Meridian:           KIDNEY, BLADDER

Root                  -dispel wind-cold-damp , relieve pain, release exterior, lower part of body

                        -lesser Yin head ache and tooth ache

                        -itchy skin due to wind - damp.

                        * Do not use for excess or deficient heat syndromes.


Qin Jiao                  Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT - COOL                                                 Dosage: 4.5 – 12g.

Gentiana                        Meridian:           GALLBLADDER, LIVER, STOMACH

Macrophylla Root -dispel wind-cold/hot-Damp, soothes sinews (muscle

                                 cramping) in extremities

                        -clears deficient heat

                        -paralysis caused by stroke


Wei Ling Xian      Properties: PUNGENT, SALTY - WARM                            Dosage: 6 – 12g.   (FISH BONE 15 – 30g.)

Clematis                                Meridian: BLADDER

Root             -dispel wind-damp and unblocks channels, relieves pain

           -fish bone lodged in throat


Hai Tong Pi           Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT - NEURTRAL                                                         Dosage: 6 – 15g.

Coral Bean                            Meridian: LIVER, SPLEEN, KIDNEY

Bark                        -dispel wind-cold/hot-Damp, unblocks channels

                        -promote urination , reduce edema

              -itchy skin – lesions, scabies


Mu Gua                    Properties:  SOUR - WARM                                                                                  Dosage: 4.5 – 12g.

Quince                                   Meridian: LIVER, SPLEEN

Fruit                  -relax sinews and muscles - dispel cold-Bi, calf cramps

                        -harmonize stomach, reduce food stagnation


Sang Zhi                 Properties: BITTER, SWEET - COOL                                                                     Dosage: 10 – 30g.

Mulberry                        Meridian: LIVER

Twig                       -dispel wind-heat -Bi, upper extremities, benefits joints

                        -damp-heat, reduce edema.


Wu Jia Pi                Properties: PUNGENT, BITTER - WARM                                                                Dosage: 4.5 – 15g.        

Acanthopanax                 Meridian:              KIDNEY, LIVER

Root Bark           -dispel wind-cold-damp, kidney deficiency. (motor function delays,


                        -transform damp, reduce edema


Xi Xian Cao           Properties: BITTER – COLD                                                                                  Dosage: 6 – 15g.

Siegesbeckia                       Meridian: KIDNEY, LIVER    

Plant                 -dispel wind-heat-damp, strengthen sinews

           -hot Bi, pain in extremities

                                -calm spirit, pacifies liver, detoxifies


Fang Ji                Properties:BITTER, PUNGENT  - COLD                                                 Dosage: 3 – 9g.

Stephania Root                     Meridian BLADDER, SPLEEN, KIDNEY

                        -promote urination, reduce edema – lower extremity edema, borborgymus, abdominal distention, lower jiao damp accumulation

                        -expel wind-damp heat, alleviate pain – fever, red-swollen-hot painful joints


Sang Ji Sheng    Properties: BITTER - NEUTRAL                                                                             Dosage: 9-30G.

Mulberry                        Meridian: KIDNEY, LIVER

Mistletoe Stem   -liver/kidney Yin deficiency, strengthen sinews/bones

                        -expel wind-damp – Bi-syndrome

                        -nourish def. blood - calm womb, uterine bleeding, dry scaly skin


Can Sha              Properties: SWEET, PUNGENT  - WARM                                                              Dosage:9 – 15g.

Silkworm Feces                  Meridian: LIVER, SPLEEN, STOMACH

-expel wind damp, relieve pain – wind-damp obstruction, itchy rash

-harmonize stomach, transform turbid dampness – vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, abdominal pain, borborygmus








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