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Herbs That Drain Damp


These herbs can treat 2 types of dampness.  The first section is dampness causing edema and/or  congested fluids in the chest and digestive system.  These herbs are successful at treating edema below the waist in the lower extremities.  Acute edema should be combined with herbs that release the exterior while chronic edema should be combined with herbs that tonify spleen and kidney Qi.  The second section is dampness complicated with heat.  With this disorder there will be heat signs of fever, burning sensation, yellow discharges with stagnation symptoms of distention and fullness.  Lin syndrome (painful urination), Shi  Wen (warm febrile disease), damp sores and Jaundice all fit under this category.


The main method of treatment is to induce dieresis so the excess heat will be drained out in the urine along with the excess water and fluids.  These herbs must be used with caution and special care must be used to make sure yin deficiency does not occur.



Fu Ling                    Properties: SWEET, BLAND - NEUTRAL                                                              Dosage: 9 - 15g

Fungus Nucleus               Meridian: HEART, SPLEEN, LUNG     

-promotes urination , drains damp 

                            -strengthen spleen, harmonize middle Jiao

                            -quiet’s heart and calms spirit


Zhu Ling                 Properties: BLAND – COOL                                                                                 Dosage: 6 - 15g

Fungus Nucleus               Meridian: SPLEEN, KIDNEY, BLADDER           

-promotes urination, drains damp (combine with Fu Ling)

                        -Yang jaundice – lin syndrome


Zu Xie                      Properties: SWEET, BLAND - COLD                                                                    Dosage: 6 - 15g

Water Plantain                  Meridian: KIDNEY, BLADDER          

Root                  -promote urination, drains damp in lower burner

                        -drain deficient kidney fire


Yi Yi Ren                 Properties: SWEET, BLAND - COOL                                                                    Dosage: 9 – 30g.

Seeds Of                           Meridian: SPLEEN, LUNG, KIDNEY

Jobs Ears                       -Promote urination, drains damp

                            -strengthen spleen, stops diarrhea

                        -expel wind-damp, relieve joint and muscle pain

                        *contraindicated during pregnancy


Mu Tong                 Properties: BITTER - COOL                                                                                  Dosage:  3 – 9g.

Akebia Vine                      Meridian: BLADDER, HEART, SMALL INTESTINE

-promote urination, drain heat from heart through the small intestine.

                            -promotes lactation, Un-blocks blood vessels.


Hua Shi                   Properties: SWEET, BLAND - COLD                                                                    Dosage: 6 - 15g

Talcum Powder               Meridian: KIDNEY

-promote urination, drain Heat from bladder lin syndrome

                        -clear heat, summer heat  and damp heat through urine.

                        -absorbs dampness (oozing eczema) used topically.

                        *contraindicated during pregnancy


Che Qian Zi           Properties: SWEET  - COLD                                                                                 Dosage: 4.5 – 9g.

Plantago Seeds                Meridian: KIDNEY, BLADDER, LIVER, LUNG                 

-promote urination, drain heat from bladder

                        -solidify stool ,  clear/brighten eyes.

                        -lung heat – expel phlegm, stop cough                                                     


Bian Xu                   Properties: BITTER - COOL                                                                                  Dosage: 9 - 15g.

Knot Weed                        Meridian: BLADDER         

-damp heat in bladder - promote urination, re lin, xue lin syndrome

           -expels parasites

                        -itchy skin


Qu Mai                     Properties: BITTER  - COLD                                                                                 Dosage:  6 - 12g.


                                - promote urination, drain Damp Heat from bladder, lin syndrome- re lin, xue lin, stone lin

- breaks up blood stasis.


Shi Wei                  Properties: BITTER, SWEET  - COOL                                                                   Dosage:  3 - 9g.

Pyrrosia                                   Meridian: BLADDER, LUNG

Leaves      -promote urination, drain damp heat from bladder, re lin, xue lin, stone lin

-stops bleeding

-clears lung. expel phlegm, relieve cough


Bie Xie               Properties: BITTER  - NEUTRAL                                                                           Dosage:  9 – 15g.

Dioscorea                  Meridian: BLADDER, LIVER, STOMACH

Root                  -separates  pure from turbid, cloudy urine and leukorrhea

                        -expel wind damp (cold and hot bi syndrome), relax sinews

-damp heat – skin disorders


Jin Qian Cao     Properties: SWEET, BLAND  - NEUTRAL                                                             Dosage: 15 – 60g.

Lysimachia                Meridian: BLADDER, GALLBLADDER, KIDNEY, LIVER

Whole Plant        -promote urination, stone lin syndrome

                            -clears damp, jaundice (yang or yin) , red-swollen eyes

-snake bite


Yin Chen Hao     Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT  - COOL                                                               Dosage: 9 – 15g.

Yinchenhao                                             Meridian: LIVER, SPLEEN, GALLBLADDER, STOMACH

Seedling            -clear damp heat from liver and gallbladder, relieves jaundice (yang or yin)

-clear heat, Shao Yang Syndrome. 


Mu Fang Ji          Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT  - COLD                                                                                Dosage: 3 – 9 g.

Aristolochia                             Meridian: BLADDER, SPLEEN, KIDNEY

Root                        -expel wind-damp, alleviate pain

(stephania)         -hot bi syndrome

                        -easily damages stomach due to cold


Han Fang Ji        Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT  - COLD                                                                                Dosage: 3 – 9 g.

Stephania                                 Meridian: BLADDER, SPLEEN, KIDNEY

Root           -edema in lower part of body

                        -easily damages stomach due to cold.


Dong Gua Pi       Properties: SWEET  - COLD                                                                                  Dosage:1.5 – 4.5g.       

Winter Melon Seed             Meridian LUNG, STOMACH, LARGE INTESTINE, SMALL INTESTINE

-clear lung heat, expel phlegm, discharge puss – thick-sticky-yellow phlegm, lung abscess, upper jiao obstruction

-clear heat, drain damp – leucorrhea


Chi Xiao Dou       Properties: SWEET, SOUR  - NEUTRAL                                                                                Dosage:1.5 – 4.5g.

Aduki Bean                           Meridian HEART, SMALL INTESTINE

                        -clear heat, promote urination – abdominal fullness/swelling with edema

                        -disperse blood stasis – reduce swelling and fire toxicity, sores, carbuncles

                        -clears damp heat – jaundice


Yu Mi Xu              Properties: SWEET  - NEUTRAL                                                                           Dosage:1.5 – 4.5g.       

Cornsilk                                                Meridian BLADDER, GALLBLADDER, LIVER

                        -promote urination – re lin, stone lin, edema

                        -regulate gallbladder – jaundice

                        -wasting, thirst disorder


Dan Zhu Ye         Properties: SWEET, BLAND  - COLD                                                                    Dosage:6 – 9g.

Lophatherum Stem and leaf  Meridian HEART, SMALL INTESTINE, STOMACH

                        -clear heat in stomach or heart - irritable, cankers, swollen-painful gums

                        -promote urination – clear damp heat, lin syndrome

                        -heat in small intestine – irritability, dark red tongue tip


Tong Cao            Properties: SWEET, BLAND  - COLD                                                                    Dosage: 3 – 6 g.

Rice Paper Pith                     Meridian: LUNG, STOMACH

                        -promote urination, clear heat – lin syndrome, damp warm-febrile disease

                        -promote lactation


Hai Jin sha         Properties: SWEET  - COLD                                                                                  Dosage:15 – 60g.        

Japanese Fern                     Meridian: BLADDER, SMALL INTESTINE

                        -clear heat, promote urination – stone lin, xue lin,

                        -clear heat and toxic fire – swollen-painful throat


Di Fu Zi                Properties: SWEET, BITTER  - COLD                                                                    Dosage:1.5 – 4.5g.       

Broom Cypress Fruit          Meridian:  BLADDER

                        -clear damp heat, promote urination – lin syndrome, re lin.

-expel dampness, stop itch – damp skin disorder, eczema, scabies, genital itch.







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