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Herbs That Tranform Phlegm And Stop Cough

The herbs in this category deal with thick fluid which accumulates in the respiratory and digestive tracts as well as the muscles and other body tissues. Generally this is called phlegm. The lungs are the receptacle of phlegm and the spleen is the organ which generates phlegm. Phlegm can cause such disorders as epilepsy, convulsion, scrofula, goiter, chronic skin disorders, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and abdominal distention.



Ban xia Properties: PUNGENT - WARM/TOXIC Dosage: 4.5 12g.

Pinellia Meridian: LUNG, SPLEEN, STOMACH

Rhizome -dry dampness, transform cold-phlegm, rebellious Qi

-harmonize stomach, stops vomiting

-dissipate nodules, reduce distension

TOXIC caution with pregnancy


Nan Xing Properties: PUNGENT, BITTER - WARM/TOXIC Dosage: 4.5 9g.

Jack In The Meridian: LUNG, LIVER, SPLEEN

Pulpit Rhizome -dry dampness, expel phlegm (drying aspect stronger than ban xia)

-disperse wind phlegm in channels, stops spasm

-reduce swelling, alleviate pain, deep rooted sores, yin type abscess.

TOXIC caution with pregnancy

(ZHI / TIAN) Nan Xing = prepared with fresh ginger

(DAN) Nan Xing = prepared with cow bile (good for Heat phlegm)

Xuan Fu Hua Properties: PUNGENT, BITTER - WARM Dosage: 3 12g.

Inula Flower Meridian: LIVER, LUNG, STOMACH, SPLEEN

-redirect lung Qi downward, expel cold-phlegm

-stop vomiting, rebellious Qi


Bai Fu Zi Properties: PUNGENT, SWEET - WARM/TOXIC Dosage: 1.5 6g.

Typhonium Meridian: LIVER, SPLEEN, STOMACH

Rhizome -Dry dampness, transform phlegm, expel wind-cold, stop spasm pain

-Relieve toxicity, dissipates nodules snake bite

-TOXIC do not use with pregnancy (1.5-6g)


Bai Jie Zi Properties: PUNGENT WARM Dosage: 3 9g.

White Mustard Meridian: LUNG

Seed -warms lung Qi, expels cold-phlegm

-dissipates nodules, reduce swelling, alleviate pain, yin type boils


Jie Geng Properties: BITTER, PUNGENT - NEUTRAL Dosage: 3 9g.

Balloon Flower Meridian: LUNG

Rhizome -opens up lung Qi, Expel phlegm (hot or cold), benefits throat

-promote discharge of pus

-guiding herb to lung


Cool Herbs For Hot Phlegm Cough


Qian Hu Properties: PUNGENT, BITTER - COOL Dosage: 4.5 9g.

Hogfennel Meridian: LUNG

Root -re-directs rebellious lung Qi downward, expels phlegm

-releases wind from the exterior


Bei Mu -2 types -Chuan smaller bulb from Chuan province (3-10g)

bulb -Zhe larger Bulb from Zhe province (6-15g)

-clears heat, transforms phlegm, stops cough

-clears heat, dissipates nodules due to heat


Gua Lou Properties: SWEET - COLD Dosage: 9 30g.

Trichosanthes Meridian: LARGE INTESTINE, LUNG, STOMACH

Fruit -Pi (peal) -clears and transforms phlegm heat, dissipates nodules

-Ren \ Zi (seeds) -expels pus and promotes healing of sores (mastitis)

-moistens intestines (constipation due to dry)


Zhu Ru Properties: SWEET - COOL Dosage: 4.5 9g.

Bamboo Shavings Meridian: HEART, LUNG, STOMACH

-clear/transform phlegm heat and cough

-clears heat from stomach, stops vomiting

-disturbed heart by phlegm heat (insomnia, restlessness)


Hai Fu Shi Properties: SALTY - COLD Dosage: 6 15g.

Pumice Meridian: LUNG

-clear lung heat expel phlegm, thick sputum, bloody sputum

-soften hardness dissipate phlegm nodules scrofula

-promote urination re lin, stone lin


Hai Ge Ke Properties: BITTER, SALTY - NEUTRAL Dosage: 6 15g.

Clam Shell Meridian: KIDNEY, LUNG, STOMACH

-clear heat, direct lung Qi down transform thick sputum with chest and or rib pain

-soften hardness, dissipate nodules phlegm fire goiter and scrofula

-epigastric pain, acid reflux (calcined powdered form)


Hai Zao Properties: BITTER, SALTY - COLD Dosage: 4.5 15g.

Sargassum Seaweed Meridian: KIDNEY, LIVER, LUNG, STOMACH

-clear heat, reduce phlegm nodules goiter, scrofula

-promote urination reduce edema, leg edema and floating edema

Kun Bu Properties: SALTY - COLD Dosage: 4.5 15g.


-reduce phlegm, soften hardness nodules in neck, fullness in chest due to phlegm

-promote urination, reduce swelling lower extremity edema