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Tai Zi Shen

Also Known As:

Feuilles d'Alchemille, Frauenmantelkraut, Lady's Mantle, Ladys Mantle, Leontopodium, Lion's Foot, Lions Foot, Marienmantel, Nine Hooks, Silerkraut, Stellaria. Alchemilla xanthochlora, synonym Alchemilla vulgaris.
Family: Rosaceae.

Tai Zi Shen         Properties: BITTER, SWEET  - NEUTRAL                                Dosage: 9 – 30g.

Pseudostellaria                     Meridian:  LUNG, SPLEEN

                        -strengthen spleen and stomach Qi – fatigue, reduced appetite

                        -tonify lung Qi – spontaneous sweating

                        -generates fluids – thirst, fever, summer heat in children, febrile disease


Also Used For:

Orally, Tai Zi Shen is used for mild diarrhea, heavy menstrual flow, and diabetes.
Topically, Tai Zi Shen is used as an astringent for bleeding and to improve wound healing.
Folk medicine, Tai Zi Shen is used orally for menopausal complaints, painful menses, gastrointestinal disorders, as a relaxant for muscle spasms, an anti-inflammatory, a diuretic, and as a gargle for mouth and throat inflammation. Alchemilla is used topically in folk medicine for ulcers, eczema, skin rashes, and as a bath additive for treating lower-abdominal ailments.





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