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TCM Internal Medicine

This section will look at different diseases and each diseases basic pattern.  The manifestations described will appear in various combinations which can be seen in clinical cases.  The patterns explained will need to be studied and understood in order to put this information to use in a practitioners clinical practice.


[ Lung ] [ Heart ] [ Kidney ] [ Liver ] [ Spleen/Stomach ]

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In each section you will find a quick overview of the main etiology and pathogenesis of  each disease in order to understand the basic process of each disease. Using this    information a proper diagnosis is possible.


The patterns of each organs dysfunction represent the organs functions and not the organ itself.  The organ will not be directly unbalanced but the organs functions will not be in harmony.


When treating any individual you must treat the disease ‘root’ and not the ‘branch’.  Treating the branch of a disease means treating the symptoms of a disease and not the cause.  The proper choice of treatment would be to treat the root cause of the disease therefore eliminating the symptoms.

Example – using astringent herbs to stop diarrhea (branch) instead of treating spleen Qi deficiency which is the underlying cause (root).  Special attention should be placed on keeping the yin and yang within the body balanced paying close attention to the season, weather conditions and the specific geographic location of the patient.

"I believe that the wholistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine is essential to foster true healing of body mind and spirit. TCM is a worthy reflection of the essence of humankind. It has given me powerful tools which I can use to grow, lead, and succeed in the cultivation of wellness for persons that become a part of my journey."

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