Acupuncture & Pregnancy

seminar information & registration



Saturday & Sunday, September 6th & 7th, 2003

0830 1700

ICTCM, 201-1508 W. Broadway,

Vancouver, BC, Canada



From Conception to Labour and Beyond



in Pregnancy








Would you like to boost your knowledge and have the confidence to successfully treat pregnant clients?

Would your practice benefit from being able to effectively communicate with obstetricians, family physicians and midwives?



In this workshop you will learn:

-         How to assess the physiological changes and make the necessary modifications in a treatment plan to address common problems that occur during pregnancy.

-         The frequency and duration of acupuncture treatments for each condition discussed.

-         How to treat stubborn cases of severe nausea and vomiting

-         When and how to use the forbidden points based upon new research.

-         How to prevent miscarriages (threatened and habitual).

-         How to stop premature labour.

-         Methods to induce labour.

-         Current research and contraindications for turning a breech baby using moxa.

-         The appropriate use of electrical acupuncture to manage pain during labour.

-         The effectiveness of acupuncture to treat postpartum depression and lactation issues.

-         And many more topics to be discussed and your specific questions to be answered.


About the instructor: Jean Levesque is a specialist in prenatal and maternity care in Montreal, Quebec. Mr. Levesque solely utilizes acupuncture to treat his patients and was the first acupuncturist in Quebec with hospital privileges. He brings with him his teaching experience from the College of Rosemont and from the Sainte Croix Maternity in Metz (France), as well as, clinical experience obtained from treating hundreds of pregnant women at St Justine and LaSalle Hospitals.


Workshop fees (Includes GST):

$350 for Practitioners

Early registration discount (before July 15th) and students $300

Cheque or VISA accepted


For more information or to register please call

(604) 725-3826 or email

Be sure to mention you are signing up through TCM West

for possible discounts!







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"I was made aware of your web-site, and took the time to look through it very carefully.  Being trained in the Peoples Republic of China as a TCM Gynecologist I found your Gynecology section to be excellent!  You have done an amazing job and a valuable service to the profession, students and TCM educators alike.  Thank You."

David A. Bray CMD, D.Ac. & Dipl. C.H. (NCCAOM)
Toronto, CANADA



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