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Attention Deficit Disorder



Attention Deficit Disorder - ADD - Restless Syndrome In Children

Hyperactive children making it hard for them to learn or contain their emotions. 3 main causes in Chinese Medicine: Congenital Liver / Kidney Deficiency (ie-emotional during pregnancy)
Trauma during birth or childhood (shaking, dropping, scaring child) is a possible cause for Attention Deficit Disorder.


The Main TCM mechanism for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is the disharmony of Yin and Yang with dysfunctional Heart, Liver, Spleen or Kidney. This gives them the lack of concentration which is most prominent when first starting school when they can not control their emotions or stay seated for long periods of time.


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Attention Deficit Disorder:


Heart And Kidney Deficiency - slow mental reactions, poor memory, lack of concentration, enuresis, many dreams, dark complexion
Rx - Kong Sheng Zhen Zhong Dan


Kidney Deficiency with Hyperactive Liver Yang - easily upset, excited easily, difficult to sit down for short periods of time, loud
Rx - Qi Ju Di Huang Wan + Long Gu, Mu Li (calm spirit herbs)


Heart And Spleen Qi Deficiency - child is in their own world, lack of concentration, dreamers, quiet, suttle movement, light sleeper, spontaneous sweat, night sweat, picky eater (autistic)
Rx - Gui Pi Tang + Gan Mai Da Zao Tang







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