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Pediatrics (childhood)- Asthma
Acute sudden onset of difficult breathing (dyspnoea) with wheezing sound in throat, re-curing with cough. Asthma is always caused by hidden phlegm stored in the lung but is triggered by a pathogenic invasion entering the Lung, Spleen or kidney. Pre-attack symptoms may include either sneezing or coughing. Any case of infantile eczema has a high chance of getting asthma.


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Asthma:

During Attack:
Cold Type - Xiao Qing Long Tang -or- Xhi Gan Ma Huang Tang
Eliminate phlegm herbs - Bai Jie Zi, Su Zi
Descend Qi Herbs - Dai Zhi Shi, Hou Po
Constipation Herbs - Lai Fu Zi, Gua Lou

Hot Type - Ding Chuang Tang (int. phlegm heat)
Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (more external heat)
Complicated Cold and Hot - Da Qing Long Tang
Complicated Deficiency and Excess - Du Qi Wan + Shi Gan Ma Huang Tang

During Remission:
Lung Qi Deficiency - Yu Ping Feng San
Spleen Qi Deficiency - Liu Jun Zi Tang
Kidney Deficiency - Shen Qi Wan







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