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Bronchitis - Cough - Ke Sou
Bronchitis / Cough is due to lung Qi up surging, the Qi can't descend meaning the lung cannot complete it's descending function. It is mainly due to exterior pathogen invasion of the the lung and the spleen.

Differentiate Bronchitis With:
Whooping cough - spasmodic cough, intermittent, red face, may vomit at end of coughing episode.
Pneumonia - high fever, shotness of breath, nostril flaring


External Causes Of Bronchitis:
Wind Cold - Xing Su San


External Wind Cold and Interior Heat - (fever, phlegm, ) Xing Su San
Add - Huang Qin, Pi Pa Ye, Ban Lan Gen
Wind Heat - Sang Ju Yin

Lung Heat - Huang Qin, Yi Xing Cao
Sore Throat - Xuan Shen, Shi Gan, Niu Bang Zi
Phlegm - Gua Lou, Zhe Bei Mu, Ting Li Zi

Internal Causes Of Bronchitis
Phlegm Heat - Qing Jing Hua Tian Tang
Phlegm - Dai Gu San

Constipation - Gua Lou Ren

Nose Bleed - Mu Dan Pi, Bai Mao Gen

Chest Pain - Chai Hu, Yu Jin, Zhi Qiao

Yin Deficiency - Sha Shen, Mai Men Dong

Phlegm Damp - Er Chen Tang

Frothy Phlegm and Wheezing - Xiao Qing Long Tang

Food Retention - Lai Fu Zi, Bao He Wan

Chest Congestion - Hou Po, Jie Geng

Qi Deficiency - Ren Shen Wu Wei Zi Tang

Lung Yin Deficiency - Sha Shen Mai Men Dong Tang

Hot Type - Ding Chuang Tang (int. phlegm heat)
Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang (more external heat)
Complicated Cold and Hot - Da Qing Long Tang
Complicated Deficiency and Excess - Du Qi Wan + Shi Gan Ma Huang Tang

During Remission:
Lung Qi Deficiency - Yu Ping Feng San
Spleen Qi Deficiency - Liu Jun Zi Tang
Kidney Deficiency - Shen Qi Wan







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