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Loss of consciousness with sudden uncontrolled muscle contractions. In TCM convulsions is broken into two groups Ji Jing Fang (rapid) or Man Jing Fang (slow). We must distinguish between exterior wind or interior wind, superficial heat or internal heat and weather it is phlegm heat, phlegm fire or turbid phlegm.

Rapid Convulsion - Ji Jing Fang
Wind Invasion - catch a cold with superficial wind heat syndrome and irritability
Rx- Yin Qiao San + Shi Jue Ming, Gou Teng, Jiang Can

Toxic Heat In Nutrient (ying) and Blood (xue) levels - febrile disease (ie pneumonia, meningitis, measles, chicken pox)
Rx- Qing Wen Bai Du Yin
Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang + Zi Xue Dan
An Gong Jiu Huang Wan - injected

Convulsion Due To Shock - Hu Po Bao Long
Acupuncture - KD1 and PC 9

External Application: Fresh Di Long mixed with Feng Mi applied to Du20

Slow Convulsion - Man Jing Fang
Liver Wind With Spleen Deficiency - late stage febrile disease with liver and kidney yin deficiency and wind symptoms.
Rx- Da Ding Feng Zhu

Qi and Blood Deficiency - chronic illness leading to convulsions
Rx- Ke Bao Li Su Tang

Kidney Essence Deficiency - malnutrition before convulsions start
Rx- Di Huang Yin Zi







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