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Malnutrition - Chronic Condition which injures Spleen and Stomach
Emaciation of the body with a dull yellow complexion, dry hair, dull spirit, possible irritability, poor memory and irregular cravings (ie-dirt). This condition will impair the childs development leading to Yin and Yang collapse.

Main Causes of malnutrition: Deficient intake of food Poor quality intake of food
Congenital defect of interior organs Diseased

Gan Qi - Early Stage - spleen deficiency
Poor appetite, mental fatigue, soft or dry stool, slowly
becoming emaciated, dull yellow complexion, stomach heat symptoms, irritability
Rx - Jian Pi Wan

Gan Ji - Middle Stage - Weak SP and ST heat impairing Heart and Liver
Emaciation with large abdomen, dull yellow complexion, irritability, dry dull hair, poor sleep, repeated strange movements (ie rubbing eyes, moving mouth - due to liver wind)
Rx- Fei Er Wan

Gan Gan - Late Stage - dry nutrition
Extreme emaciation, loose skin, no fat, no muscles, wrinkled skin, dry skin, dry hair, mentally weak, cloudy eyes, poor spirit, large upper abdomen with sunken lower abdomen
Rx- Ba Zheng Tang or Sheng Fu Tang (yang collapse)

Yan Gan - eye disorders
Dry eyes, sore eyes, night blindness, light sensitivity, cloudy eyes with malnutrition
Rx-Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan

Kou Gan - mouth disorders
Mouth sores, cankers, irritability, red lips, constipation
Rx- Xie Xin Dao Chi San

Gan Zhong Zhang - Spleen Yang Deficiency
Ankle edema working upwards towards the face, damp symptoms.
Rx- Zhen Wu Tang







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