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Mycotic Stomatitis


Mycotic Stomatitis - Thrush - E Kou Chuang
White patches or a complete layer of white greasy coating on the tongue, gums or entire mouth.
If severe enough coating may get thick enough to impair youngsters breathing. This is generally known as a Heart and Spleen disorder in TCM.

Differentiate Thrush with: canker sores - more redish eruption with white head only. Milk layer in mouth from last feeding


Chinese Medicine Treatment Of Thrush:
Heart And Spleen Excess Heat - irritability, loud crying, dry stool, dark yellow urine, red or purple thick veins in fingers.
Rx- Qing Re Xie Pi San

Heart And Spleen Deficient Fire - yin deficient symptoms, skinny baby, rosy cheeks, 5-centre heat sensation, sweating easily, thin purple veins in fingers
Rx- Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan

External Application:Shi Gao (3g) Huang Lian (1g) Qing Dai (1g) Ru Xiang (1g) Mu
Yao (1g.) - apply on lips of baby







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