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Common Cold


Common Cold - Gan Mao
Gan Mao deals with lung system disorders resembling the common cold which include sudden onset, sore throat, fever, head ache and nasal discharge. Babies can easily have high fevers which will attack the liver causing convulsions and spasms (int. wind). If the heat attacks the spleen they will have vomiting or diarrhea.

Wind Cold - Jing Fang Bai Du San


Epidemic influenza - add Da Qing Ye, Pu gong Ying, Ban Lan Gen
Or - Chai Gu Jie Ji Tang

Wind Heat - Yin Qiao San
Complicated - Cold and Heat - Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang

Summer Heat - Xing Jia Xiang Ru Yin

Severe diarrhea (dampness) - Ge Gen Qing Liang Tang

Deficiency - Chronic colds 2x per month for 3 consecutive months! Easily sweat, low or no fever - Gui Zhi Wu Wu Tang

Common Cold Complicated With:
Food Stag. - Bao he Wan
Phlegm - Er Chen Tang (cold) Sang Bai Pi / Hai Ge Qiao (warm)
Prevention: wind cold - Cong Bai, Sheng Jiang, Feng Mi
Wind heat - Ban Lan gen







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